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  1. if your really looking for a deal on tires keep an eye on ebay for a set of razr or razr II take offs from a race team. i got a set of razr2 fronts on baja rims and razr rears on ITP 10" beadlocks for $191 (after shipping)off there with 75% tread and no holes!!! Racers post them at decent prices to and sometimes you can even find them with up to 90% tread left, i know some teams that dont put more than 2 races on a set then sell them for that fresh edge on the lugs. keep an eye out on there you never know what you might stumble across.. I would go with maxxis over the ITP holeshots, they have a lot more durable compund, and get awesome traction too!! Good luck, and great job on the silver bullet!! i'm going to take a nap now from getting caught up on this novel of a post..lol. take care!:bow:
  2. what year is your YFZ? I run stock 08 shocks on my o5, the 07 BB edition has the better shocks to. The stock shocks can be revalved and resprung(by the right ppl) to compensate for your a-arms and will handle just as good as the elkas, they can even be extended for longer travel.. and that runs around $800 all the way around. but as for elkas, if in doubt and you can afford it, go with the better ones, the what ifs dont hurt as bad..
  3. best racing pic(definately!)... ugliest quad pic(lol).. wildest injury or scar pic....... stunts...etc...
  4. Do any of the other gears Pull?? that sounds like the classic 660 tranny nightmare:confused: if its not your clutch, 3rd gear is the most common to drop first, but not all the time, especially if rode hard or raced. Good luck with that aspect. now the rev box is a different story, they not only extend the revs, but they also change the spark curve, if it doesnt sound right, then its probably not right, changes in timing could cause other existing issues to surface(leaky valves, piston slap) but also they could be more minor like air/fuel mix or octane deficiencies causing spark knock from the newer more progressive spark timing. Good luck with it! Keep us posted!
  5. :beatdeadhorse5c: why dont they go try to levitate the poor up off the couch so they can make their own money... Get A CLUE People!!
  6. That stupid DS almost killed me! i lost over 15 pounds that day.. that was last year, this years is this weekend, i have a team lined up this time!!

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