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  1. Darrinster


  2. I think I'll do the synthetic blend and then go full synthetic. Just purchased a 1987 Big Bear.
  3. Thanks for the information! Just bought my first real ATV and still learning.
  4. I had to lower the idle on my Big Bear as I couldn't shift back and forth from neutral and reverse.
  5. So far the 1987 Big Bear I bought was worth the money. Hope to have it for a long time.
  6. Just bought one of these, this will come in handy in the future thanks.
  7. You could try an aftermarket carburetor. I bought one for a Yamaha 125 dirt bike and it ran great. I also recently just bought a Big Bear. Finally got it running today as it had no spark. I've heard they're good ATV's long as you keep on the maintenance. Good luck!
  8. Did you try a different spark plug? Do you have spark tester? New or used parts?
  9. Did you buy an aftermarket carburetor? Those Chinese carbs wont seat right and will leak like crazy.

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