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  1. Anyone have a picture of how the fuel lines run to the carburetor I got a brass nipple coming off the intake after the carb boot I got to go into the impulse line but I think it's pushing too much fuel 2002 700 if anybody could put a picture of how their lines are ran to the carburetor
  2. It has vacuum and runs better when I put my finger over it I think it ties into the vacume line coming from the fuel pump I'm going to try that tomorrow I'll see how that works
  3. looked through the manual multiple times there's nothing in it about this been searching YouTube videos pictures can't find anything
  4. still have not found our ware it goes tryed putting it to the carb on one of the vacume ports it runs now just will not rev it will stay running as soon as i hit the gas it bogs out any one no whats up
  5. does anyone know ware this goes ive looked every cant figure it out does anyone have one they can look at for me please ?
  6. Comes out of the intake after the rubber carb boot been going crazy trying to figure out where the other end hooks to the plastic elbow and does anybody have a picture or know where it goes
  7. runs sometimes on full choke sometimes it idle off chock but will die in like 5 mins new carb new gas lines new pump not sure if i have lines right there a line coming out of the motor right after the carb boot with an plastic elbow on it dont no ware that goes some one have pics so i can see ware all the lines go ?
  8. anyone have 2002 sportman 700 parts and repair manuals i been pulling my hair out trying to this thing to stay running please! and thank you
  9. are these manuals free to look at or I do have to pay for them was wondering how I can look at it manual for 2002 Sportsman 700?

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