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  1. While I have an 05, it does the same thing. About a year ago, I had the top end rebuilt, but that has not stopped it from continuing to do the same thing. I would love to hear someone offer an answer to this. I only have about 170 hours on mine, as I don't use it to fun ride, but to work. We can hope someone has an answer.
  2. Put the pressure gauge on it the King Quad, and initially it was reading right at 30 psi. Then bled some of the fuel off, and it went to about 43 psi, and after a few minutes was running like it should. Then I discovered that I have a broken left rear CV But it's running so I have to figure out who sells the best CV's for it. I am going to replace both, just to be safe.
  3. That you have even taken the time for this old disabled vet, is worth thanking you!! I, along with Gary will check it all.
  4. I will, and thank you!! I watched the video, and now I'm trying to locate a sending unit, just in case. Thank you again!!
  5. There is a screen in the bottom of the tank and it was clean. I will have to look at it to find the sending unit. The pump did not come with a screen.
  6. The pickup filter was not changed. The hose connections are correct. Please make me smarter!! Where is the pickup filter located on the bike?
  7. It is an OEM pump that was put on. Each time I turned the ignition on, fuel would pump out, but according to the specs, it is supposed to come out at around 43 psi. I was able to put my thumb over the line, and no fuel would push past. The tank was clean before the new pump was put in. I am running 100% ethanol free gas in it, and have been doing so for a while.
  8. It is fuel injected, and the pump does come on. We pulled the fuel line and each time I would turn the key to the on position it would pump fuel. It is just not pumping at 43 psi, I am almost certain of it. What photos would you like to see? It will be tomorrow morning before I can send anything to you.
  9. Are there vacuum hoses other than the primary fuel line??? Recommendations on what else to check??? The local Suziki dealership will not help because it older than 10 years old. So it is me and the Polaris tech and he knows much more than me, but probably not as much as you regarding Suziki's.
  10. Yes it is, but for an 05' it only has 370 miles on it. It is my primary means of getting around on my property since my electric wheelchair just won't go where I want to go. Oh well, such is life. Thanks again!!
  11. I appreciate the response. I fully suspect that you are right, and I have already located another. It is just such a pain on these to put in, because there is so much that has to come off before you can even get to it!! Many thanks!! Dave
  12. About 6 months ago I had a new fuel pump, ECM, stator and heaven only knows what else installed on my 05 King Quad. It has been running great until the other day when I went to get it off the trailer, and it would not start. Pulled the plug, and it was a little dirty, but not bad, but I put a new one in just for good measure. Still would not start. Pulled the fuel line connector underneath and turned on the switch and fuel was coming out, but with little to no pressure. I turned the switch off and on multiple times to fill up a water bottle with fuel, and the fuel was good. As it turns out, the fuel pump is out of warranty (go figure). So, I'm going to put a pressure gauge on it tomorrow and see what it is pumping. Is there anything else I can check? Many thanks, David

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