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  2. Ive got a 2004 KFX700 im wanting to part out, its already missing a few things that have been used on a friends kfx. The wheels and tires pictured are gone. Currently it is missing plastics, ignition switch/key, headlights, wheels and tires. The engine is in good shape but it does need intake valves. Engine ran great before it needed a valve adjustment. The intake valves cannot be adjusted. It does have a TwoBrother M7 2 into 1 exhaust which is in great shape, used but in great shape. The nerf bars are in pretty good shape as well, they are DG nerf bars. (if i remember correctly) Please let me know if there is a specific part you are in need of. Im located in Champaign Illinois Thanks -Sean
  3. lmfao Good luck on recovering the 2 stolen bikes.
  4. Wow, You really need to work on your english and typing skills.
  5. So you know the exact time they were stolen? Are you planning on letting us know what town this happened in since someone already asked or... Seems kinda weird how they were stolen, the insurance people giving you a hard time and now you now the exact time they were stolen. Starting to sound like an inside job to me.
  6. pretty awesome! Sat through a couple of those videos, had to show my g/f.
  7. the polk audio's are a marine grade speaker, but not the kenwood's
  8. Ive got a few stereo items that i need to get rid of. Brand new Pyramid 240w amp this is the amp that fits inside of the audiotube's Brand new, i did just test it, and it is not a DOA, it works great $40 shipped Polk Audio 6.5 180w peak speakers I ordered these along with the amp, and ive just changed my mind thats why im selling these few items. The speakers are not here yet. They should be here monday or tuesday. They are brand new also. $55 shipped Kenwood 6x8's 220w peak Kenwood KFC-C6879ie 6"x8" 2-way car speakers at Crutchfield.com These were used for 3 days on a sound wall in a car audio shop Reason they were only used for 3 days, the power supply for the sound wall took a dump. I used these speakers to test that Pyramid amp i have listed above. These speakers still thump! $35 shipped Im located in central illinois i accept paypal and money orders also accept cash and person checks. Just send me a pm or reply here if your interested. Thanks!
  9. The old one is infact toast. it wouldnt pull a 04 yamaha 125 dirt bike up a steep river bank on its wheels! But um, im going with a Mile Marker winch more then likely.
  10. She's brand new Just got it in the mail this past Saturday Changed my mind about what im doing with my bike. So here it is up for sale. Viper Max 4000lb winch comes with a snatch block and the roller fairlead has the "Aircraft Grade" wire rope.(as it says on the box) There was supposed to be a winch cover included, it was not included, im working that out right now. If i get my hands on it, it will be included once i get it. $160 shipped Paypal preferred. How ever, i will accept money orders also. Any questions? Just PM me or reply here. Thanks
  11. looks like it would work, but i like what i got off ebay. it may not be the strongest. but im not jumping my bike or anything. So what i have will do just fine.
  12. You think the gorillas will put up with the angle's? the tires are 27" Mudlite's

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