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  2. small experience. my father owns one but except for the brakes we haven't done anything on it
  3. For our canadians members, there is also kijiji.com who has a strong list of private sellers.
  4. Hi, i live 200 miles from latuque, the trails there are in deep forest, full of pines, with nice hills that let us admire very nice view.
  5. free wheeling cause a probleme only if your brakes were applied as long as your were in Neutral positiion. If it stopped, while working, maybe u had a fuel cut-out? check your fuel filter and carburetor
  6. the bleeder is still working clean? man stay optimist, breaks were all rusted on my 84 TRX 200 lol
  7. Bayou 4x4 are great machine. Have u tried Manualslib.com for the manual? they maybe have it.
  8. For an old ATV i go into Honda's,, best engines. for newer ATV, since they now have power steering,, and too much electronic in it,, i prefer not to take position. but i like the Can-Am look. and comfy.
  9. searched for this for a long time. finally i replaced it by a semi-trailer side marker! 10$
  10. Just got an old TRX 200 1984. starter is working when testing it but not working when pushing the start button. any ideas^

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