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Honda UTV Forum

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Honda UTV Side by Side Specific Discussion Topics. Technical and General Discussions. Big Red, Pioneer topics.

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    • I don’t do face book but I will take your word on the pics.   Smart idea to change the chains and anything else that’s suspect inside.  Good luck and keep us posted.  
    • Yes The owner did dodge a bullet. If you look closely at my facebook pic you will see the sprocket and broken chain that is on the end of the drive shaft that turns the two cam chain sprockets above the flywheel.  There is 3 chains and three tensioners that operate the 2 OHC's there is also a 4th chain and tensioner in this area operating the oil pump. I am replacing all 3 cam chains while I have it torn down this far. 
    • You know what happens is they get a lot of low ball offfers and finally realize that they are high on the price and wind up selling low to the last guy that hits them up!
    • The problem with additional lights is the amperage.   The better brand lights draw much more amperage due to the quality and real lumens it’s labeled to project.  For instance a cheaper brand light that puts out 1100 lumens (brightness) versus a much better brand that puts out 1100 lumens will have different amperage draws on them.  The cheaper one will draw 1.2 amps per light let’s  just say and the better one may draw up to 2.8 amps.   That will burn up either a fuse or the wiring.  And the switch will burn up because it’s far from the fuse so there’s is more resistance going back to the battery. The wiring harness acts like a big fuse and will start to get warm before the fuse will finally pop doing damage to either a switch, wire etc.  
    • yea that was what I was thinking.  At best I let him sit on it for a while and then low ball him... but yea it wont happen- we can still dream tho 

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