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Ride Red Forum

A place to talk about your Honda ATC, ATV, UTV or Motorcycle.  Or anything else Riding Red!

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    • Put on a new carburetor new gas lines new gas filter new air filter... started first bump... let it warm up over 5 mins... took it around the yard and it rand great... came back out 10 mins later started right back up took another pass around the yard and it dies again... refuses to start back up... could it be the coil or cdi box... anyway to test?
    • As stated above working on a 1999 Suzuki LT-F160. I think I’m having trouble with the carburetor. I keep fouling spark plugs. Full disclosure, I did make a poor attempt to “rebuild” the carb (that’s why I think that’s the issue). No idea if the new parts are at the correct “settings” (gaps and such) I believe the starting point is 1.5 turns from bottom out on the adjustment screw (is there another adjustment I don’t know of?).  Doesn’t feel like I’m getting gas drawn through the carb (clogged jet maybe?), the plug isn’t wet at all (assuming why they’re fouling?) Not a great deal of experience working on carbs and not having much luck on finding a lot of info on the 160’s. 1st- by chance can I swap out the original carb (13200-02C03) for an LT 250 model (think the HA01050). They’re only about $30 apposed to $200. That would at least narrow down if it’s a wiring problem or carb issue. 2nd - The wiring has been minipulated at least a dozen times (before I acquired it, my cousin got it from a buddy kind of thing). Hopefully don’t have to dig into this too much as it’s currently a bit if a mess.  I was told it ran last year...  Any imput would be greatly appreciated
    • Same to you pal and to everyone else.  
    • YEAH BUDDY !!! ... That looked some GOOD TIMES Yamaha Grizzly Guy !!!      ...
    • DITTO !!! Hope everyone's Memorial Day is a Great One !!!      ...

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