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    • The wiring could have changed but you would really have to compare the two diagrams to be sure.  The stator coil should read no more then 0.63 on any of the legs.  The voltage seems low also. Also the pick up coil gap to the magnet have you checked the gap?  When you checked the secondary coil did you check it with the spark plug wire on or off the coil? And have you tested the spark plug wire as well?  The kill switch you tested for ohms... did you check that you have and opened and closed circuit (continuity) on the switch and that it’s not making partial connectivity and not fully opening? The switch could be bad or corroded inside.  All the components inside are made of brass or copper which are all subject to corrosion/oxidation.   Im going to look at the manual and see if anything stands out and try to help you out a bit.   I’m sure someone on the site has had this problem and will chime in as well.    
    • One other oddity I noticed was that my 00 will crank over with the CDI disconnected, but the 98 would not.  The electrical diagram I have says typical 98-01 Grizzly, but obviously something is different ( or  have a wiring change on one).
    • Thanks again Frank:  Thought I was capable on the testing also, but still don't have it up and running,  , so guess not - lol.  You mentioned stator : all three legs were about the same about 1 ohm from 1-2, 1-3 and 2-3 with OL to ground.  Puts out about 8 vac while cranking.  Source/Exciter coil:  Resistance 310 Ohms green-brown and puts out 45 vac while cranking.  Pulser/Pickup coil: Resistance 488 Ohms red - white but only puts out 250 mvac while cranking.  Ignition Coil:  both primary and secondary checked out in spec.  Spark Plug:  Replaced with new one from NAPA.  Ignition Switch and Kill Switch:  Checked out good. With both switched in RUN resistance to the CDI black/white was OL, with either switch in OFF resistance around 1 Ohm and will not crank.  The only one had a ? on was the output of the Pulser. Know it is a pulse so voltage wouldn't be very high but 250 mvac sounded very low to me.  Replaced stator/pulse/source with a Ricky's Stator  RS200G8-B but still no spark.  Think I checked all the wiring and didn't find any problems.  CDIs are very expensive for this atv (for some reason, the 660 were reasonable) so don't want to replace it yet since won't take back electrical parts if installed.  A friend has a 98 600 with a different CDI (4WV-F8T34671 vs 5GT-F8T36071) my original ? was are they interchangeable?  Connections are the same.  Finally decided to take a change.  Took the 00 CDI off my ATV and put it on friends 98 and it fired right up.  Took his 98 CDI (which worked great on his ATV) and put it on mine - Still no spark.  Is that a magnet on the OUTSIDE of the flywheel/rotor?  Or does it work by changing the impedance.  Magnets on inside to stator are strong, but nothing on the outside thing which I thought was a magnet.  That about it,  Thanks for any input from you and others.
    • the manual is ok except for dark pictures,i have a 1990 4wd quadrunner,different carb acording to manual, speedomter cable on mine connects on right side of tranny grease it good before installing i hade to get a after market carb suzuki wanted $500. fo mine after market $120. a lot of members on here helped me mine would only idle wouldnt run at high speed it was voltage regulater belive it or not so all these guys will help you the brakes on mine the wheel cylenders weer froze up another case of suzuki price gouging the re are after market cyl. fore mine i have the manual that covers yours if i can help
    • warrior 350 is a 2002 it has a lot of custom features and after markets stuff that will stick out when u see it that ive done to it the plastic and headlights is from a 94 I’ve also rebuilt the top end of the motor with a new high compression piston & polished the intake and exhaust valve ports polished the inner area around the valves to keep carbon buildup from ever happening it has a lot of new parts it’s been rebuilt from the ground up all wheels are the bike runs amazing on handlebar dash pad has a black toggle switch for the LED lights on front bumper the rear axle is painting and the rear brake hub is painted blue so we’ll stick out and be very noticeable on the outlaw clutch aof lever the outlaw emblem is painted by me will stick out like a sore thumb it has custom rear Warrior decals on back fenders also has a monster energy ATV fx decal kit also has a lot of other stickers on it from parts that has been put into the quad I raced it a couple times would really like to have it back if it can be found I love a lot of money invested in the bike over the years I don’t have very much to offer right now for a reward Parts list on stuff I’ve done to bike over time Team Alba Front wheel spacers
      All 4 wheel hubs painted dark purple
      Front wheel hubs shields painted red
      polished clutch cover
      Tusk competition front bumper
      Tusk polished competition nerfbars
      Tusk rear brake rotor Tusk super bright white headlight bulbs
      Tusk clutch kit
      Champion Powersports 8809 spark plug
      PRM products full rear swing arm skid plate
      Fly racing purple handle bars
      Fly racing handle bar grips
      Artrax mxt tires
      new Yamaha ignition coil
      Dg RCM Chrome 3 piece performance exhaust system
      Wiseco cam chain
      Wiseco 10:25:1 high compression piston
      Ek racing X O ring Drive chain
      Outlaw Racing aof clutch lever
      Yamaha grip seat cover black with a small silver-edge on the back side of the seat with Yamaha written in block letters
      Led smoke brake light
      Lower rear fender braces painted blue
      Blue led light on the back side of the front bumper to light it up in the dark
      Gearing is stock 13/40 Story on what happened Went riding with my girlfriend and some of my friends a few months back we chained our bikes up so no one could take off with them after we left after we got done riding for a little while to get some gas and food to go back out riding again we came back and all of our bikes where took we’re only gone for about an hour The post Help me find my warrior appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article