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    • And both of you guys, Param and Mule, both need to check your ignition coils are the right sort for 12 volt ignition systems.. The most common sort of coil now is for cdi, and you can pick them up for a few bucks. 12 volt coils are getting rare. Cdi coils are made to run on hundreds of volts. If someone fitted a cdi coil it's not going to make much spark from only 12 volts. cdi coils have very low primary resistance, about point one or point two ohms. 12 volt coils have a primary resistance of about two ohms.
    • Do you have a battery in it ? Have you checked the charging is charging, and regulating ? To reply in here you go down to the bottom of the thread and type in a box, then click on the "submit reply" button to post it.
    • It may be that the ignition system is like some kawasaki and not a cdi system. Since it made your test light flash when you used it in place of the coil, I'd suspect you need a 12 volt ignition coil, not a cdi 300 volt coil..
    • I would check the primary and secondary resistances of the new coil , I have had them bad right out of the box. I would check to make sure im getting a good ground and good power to the CDI , make sure you are getting a good 12v to the coil, make sure your frame and engine ground are good, this may be extreme , but before I start buying expensive parts, I would take the side cover off and inspect the stator and pulser coil for trash or debris or anything out of the ordinary, loose bolts crimped wires etc.  I know you have probably done all these things, im just going over a list of what I would check and double check.
    • Im sure the bearings will be fine, I actually have been impressed with the quality of some of the aftermarket parts I have purchased, I am also trying to bring a 2000 ATV back to life on a budget, I would have bought them also at that price, but as KP said be sure and mic them and compare against the old to make sure they fit correctly.
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