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    • The optimal color has that brown toasty looking tip on it. See that light brown? That’s what I’m talking about.  
    • It was consumer demand. Nobody liked the Textron name. My local dealer told me customers were looking for leftover machines rather then buying current year because they wanted the Arctic Cat name. Any machine he had that still had the Arctic Cat name was sold out. Before the name change, I pulled the trigger and bought a new machine for Michelle in 2017. Her old machine was still running well but I wanted to sit back and wait to see what the change was going to do, since it would be a few years before I would need another machine. (The black quad I showed plowing is her old machine) Mike  
    • So I got a new Starter cap today (part #9 on diagram), but still waiting on the new springs (part 8), I have the original three springs but figured they were the weak link in the chain so worth replacing....BUT they are coming from Japan and I won't have them until next week at least and I was hoping I might be able to get the old girl running sooner than that, so I thought I would put the starter clutch back together using the old springs.  For the sake of it some photos attached to show the Starter clutch fitted back to the fly wheel to show it all ready to roll. However, when I attempt to install the fly wheel  / starter clutch on the bike one of the little dowels keeps falling out.  VERY frustrating. Am I right to think the springs need replacing and they are "lazy" ? Therefore they don't apply enough pressure on the dowel pin within the clutch plate to hold it into position as the flywheel/clutch is installed? Or am I just not doing it right...is there a trick? Any suggestions?   Cheers, Pok      
    • @JacobSlabachcan you give us a video (lots of audio) with the exhaust knock?   and when I say us, I mean, it will help put pressure on the gurus  I'm not satisfied seeing this thread end on a 98% happy ending