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    • Some of the maintainers come with that connector so you have a quick way to attach the charger. No harm in attaching it. The only way it could have damaged the battery is if it overcharged it for a long time. (as in the charger is defective) you can check that by measuring the voltage on the battery with the charger attached. It should not exceed 14.5 volts. For a charger to "boil" out your battery, you would see over 17 volts. Mike  
    • Got blessed with a Handy 1200 (air) with the side extensions not only for our atv's, ridin mowers, etc. Also have a couple of scissor jacks and hyd jacks. I'm too old to be crawling on the ground or floor.  Got it for a great price used. It has truly been a blessing.  It's also used for a great many other projects.
    • Usually a good starting place is about 1-3/4 turns out from a snug bright position. Adjust it as the bike is running  the more the bike revs the better. Then just lower the idle as needed at the end.   Good luck.  
    • @Ashton Crawford thanks man that’s really helpful!! I’ll be sure to check all those things out. I don’t know what I set the fuel air to honestly? I think 3 turns out. What should I set them too?? Also I know it’s not the line. The line is brand new and I made sure it was putting through fuel. Also the carb is getting fuel all through it. I started to think it was just not burning the fuel. But hopefully your information will be a solution!
    • Welcome to Quadcrazy. What did you set the adjustment screws at? Air/fuel an shows the idle? Did you reassemble the float properly? That needle that closes off fuel to the bowl sometimes is tricky making sure it’s attached to the floats.  I’m sure your work was good on the carb but I’ve missed stupid things too. It’s clearly a fuel issue so it has to be either the carb or fuel line. I would go back and look. Also the rubber manifold that connects the carburetor to the engine, make sure it’s not cracked sucking in air.  Before you do anything try this. Take the cap off the gas tank and blow into the tank putting pressure into the tank will push that needle in the carb down and try to start the engine. See what happens. Sounds crazy but hey I’ve done it.  

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