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  1. so the compression should be around 115 to 120 give er take a few lbs for use on the engine.
  2. Sorry got to thinking about it, its most likly not compression, do a plug chop to see if you are running rich or lean, also what is your needle set on?
  3. also do a compression test, what year is it?
  4. thats cool I am origanaly from colorado springs, do you go to moab to ride the four wheelers or for something else? We go to moab every year for the car show in april. We are going to try and make it to colorado to ride the quads at some point this year. It would be awsome to meet up. do you guys ever make it out here to sand mountain?
  5. I am ten min south of nephi. What part of colorado are you in?
  6. Wildcard


    :wink:I guess I should have done this first lol. Hi I am new here. I am in utah 30 min from sand mountian, co owner of Wildcard Racing. nice to meet everyone:biggrin:
  7. sweet. so what the friend thing? remember i am new.
  8. Thanks for the welcome. :huh:and I see how it is. lol
  9. I would have to agree with the blasty I love mine for mountian riding and trails and damn good gas milage haha, but for fast fun the banshee for sure

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