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  1. funny thing is I'm not a mechanic I'm a carpenter no one could figure it out but as my older brother told me a long time ago he said Charlie that engine doesn't have a brain don't let it out smart you
  2. found the problem someone had put a explorer flywheel on a scrambler one had six magnets one had 4 problem solved
    I'm giving 2 stars cause I'm not sure yet i haven't been able to download the repair manual for my machine yet ive posted a couple topics got no response yet will see give it a little more time
  3. would u need to rejet carb or get different carb it just bogs and backfires doers anyone know whats the problem
  4. can anyone tell me why this 95 scrambler backfires so bad itv blows the pipe off ive replaced reedvalve crank bearings fly wheel it doesn't do it all the time was thinking maybe the over ride button or shift senser if it has one I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure it out any ideas would be appreciated thx the dawg
  5. i IHAD to buy a tool to remove my clutch from my Polaris its a long threaded bolt .had to use a big impact to get it off took a while but got it off

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