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  1. I bought a 1995 Polaris scrambler 400l 4x4 out from under a pine tree here in northern Maine the only action it seen was a plow truck hit it twice in 9 years when I got it home I tore it down the starter and rewind was full of rusty mud cleaned the carburetor put a new plug 3.2 ounce bc oil gear case oil mustard bottle shot of gas in the cylinder wrapped a rope around the clutch and pulled wow sled motor right got about 20 hours of pure full throttle fun then I buried it in a little place we call fiddlehead run black mud that I swear locked up the tires on a Kawasaki brute and snapped a shaft I flew across the top anyways long story even longer I killed crank bearings complete engine rebuilt in my or I should say my wife's living room it was hard on her now its fleshly installed I ported and polished it new everything inside I want to out drag raptor 700's I hate guys that can't change a plug I want to keep the 4x4 but alot of weight also sprockets what's the best combination and my main jet should I change it and I want to know if I can add a nitrous kit to it does anyone know if it will take down a raptor 700 if not I'm gonna put an xc700 shortblock sled motor in it
  2. I went and got a 3/4 fine thread bolt and stuck two sockets roughly 4" long and when I put the impact on it it seems like it wants to strip the threads on theclutch
  3. Bobby Belmain

    LONCON 200

    I need help getting the clutch off my atv

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