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  2. im going to try and let you know. Thanks
  3. @Frank Angerano Do you know where to get this 222 Dupont online? I was thinking car plastics are very common and if you wax them they last very long. I figured with a good clear coat on ATV plastic and a nice wax right after the ATV will be like new... 😁
  4. I know this is an old topic but Im knew to the ATV world and had no idea of these safety issues. Thanks
  5. @Arby911 If the plastic is the same color all the way through why would you need to paint? Can you just finely sand it and add a clear coat of some sort?
  6. interesting. I have a rancher that I recently purchased and the rear end darn near shot is what my buddy said and was planning to rebuild it soon. (only after I rebuild the front diff first which is completely shot!) Anyhow the manual is not perfect? One would think its spot on. Hopefully I can circle back to this post when I disasymbol my rear end. I did change the fluid in it though, and man was it bad. Full of muck and water that stunk to high hell!. I hope it can run for a few more rides before I get around to rebuilding it. Curious where do you buy your bearing kits from? I need to replace my front diff bearings but its so hard to choose from the internet. I would love to replace with OEM but cost is just out of control. I would say Im a cautious driver but still enjoy a little fun. I dont try to break my atv though, If im stuck then im stuck.
  7. @JacobSlabach Thanks for your honest opinion. I never owned an ATV before and have been learning by trial and error. I have one with a solid rear axle. I will use it for trail riding and hunting. I have heard good things about the independent rear suspension. I bought a used bike and was a tad impatient when searching, so what i though was a good bike was a broken bike. I hope to try many other bikes in the future and hopefully my next buy is a better one.
  8. From research I thought Honda's were good bikes. Why are they crappy? What is the biggest con?
  9. Hello, great tips. I bought my first atv used and boy did I get screwed. These tips are exactly what I needed to know. The previous owner told me the bike was perfect and great condition. Only to find out the clutch was completely burnt out. No air filter, missing screws on the frame and fender. Front differential not working all the bearings broken and the screw is broke off in the case. I can go on and on. The shocks are leaking oil. The list goes on. I appreciate your list of tips.

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