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  1. Great tips thanks!! How much do I fill a diff? All the way up?
  2. Can anyone point me to a good set of instructions for changing front diff oil on a 1987 Suzuki LT4WD? I can almost guess which bolts are drain & fill... but I've been wrong before... I found some partial posts on other forums and they linked out to dead images and whatnot. Any help appreciated. This thing is running pretty good, got the front brakes back to life, electric start works fine, seat cover fixed up, plastics stitched back together... BEFORE (last week): AFTER (today):
  3. @fatfarmboy How is it going with your '89 250?
  4. good advice, thanks. Any tips on how to loosen that castle nut, or how to lock the axle while I try and turn it? Having a hard time getting leverage - it isn't counter-threaded is it?
  5. Drum came off easily... after I took the parking brake off pretty embarrassing With the cover off - seems like it would be easier to change the shoes if I took the castle nut and the lug bolt X assembly off?
  6. Trying to put new shoes on the rear brake of a 1987 LT-4WD. Can anyone tell me if I need to remove the big nut in the center of the hub to do so? (The yellow line in attached photo) Or should that brake cover just pull off, like in this video https://youtu.be/UD18QGnFeCs?t=70 If it just pulls off... how much effort should it require? Because it seems stuck on there pretty darn good.
  7. I am following this thread - just bought a 1987 LT-4WD and I am sure it needs some of the same fixes / maintenance. On mine I put a new battery in and the electric start worked great. However, there's no brake lever/master cylinder for the front brakes and the brake line is just dangling. So I will try to sort that out first. Back brake works fine - except the rear tires are totally bald so I've been doing a bit of drifting when going downhill on packed dirt Anybody know a good split CV boot that works on these? Both of mine are split in half...

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