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  1. This baby's next for resurrection: (2000something Kawasaki Mojave KSF250)
  2. That's pieces of an ancient rubber glove..... don't know man. Just messing with Amjboy. We need those crusty guys around. We'd call them "Old Salts" in the service. Thanks.
  3. Frank, Yes metal gas tank. Turns out it was the ignition switch. All crusted over inside (like Ajmboy's shorts, JK thanks for the link). I pulled apart and cleaned, carb, air box, starter. Clean out the gas tank. Replaced front brake lever/master cylinder assy, rear brake shoes. New battery. Looks like a bag of ass (plastics fk'd) but starts right up and purrs like a kitten.
  4. Hi everybody! Just got an 86 TRX 250, not running for past 5 years. Currently with battery hooked up there no power. I checked the fuses. Will go meter the off/run/off switch and ignition switch tonight. I'm, looking for a decent wiring diagram or a copy of the service manual or ohm specs for coils/stators. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. 1986 TRX250 fourtrax Hey all! Any one know if the googled pic of the wiring diagram is legit? (see attached) The wiring looks basic enough to figure it out on my own i guess. Stator and Coil ohm specs would be much apricated too. Doing a basically ground up restoration and i have no power......
  6. 1986 TRX250 Anybody know what fines are imposed if caught without the ORV sticker? Any body riding Tahuya this weekend?
  7. 1986 Honda TRX250 Hi. Mitch here. QuadCrazy- yes
  8. Four wheeler for life!

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