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  1. How is it running with it on? thinking back pressure. Rain finally stopped here so going to do mine today.
  2. That is exactly what I'm going to do to my muffler. Will look good flat black. Good idea.
  3. I found a used one but will take 2 weeks to get here. The axles are the same from 88 to 02. left and right are the same and the axles are the same either 2 or 4 wheel drive. Maybe someone else can use this info.
  4. Thanks, That's what I'm doing now but getting conflicting numbers. I'll just keep digging.
  5. I need to get a rear axle for this machine. Are 2wd and 4wd the same axle? Are left and right the same axle? What years will fit a 1990? Thanks
  6. The quad starts good and runs good if the choke is on just a little. I installed a carb kit and backed the screw out 13/4 turns to where it was . Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Well no more oil leak. The silicone worked. Even if it does not last at least I'm on the right track. Thanks
  8. For sure will let you know . Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks for the carb cleaner advise. I will try it now and let it sit overnight and try tomorrow.
  10. Any idea how long to let the silicone set before cranking the engine over to see if it worked?
  11. I do have some high temp silicone I can try. I was kind of worried about over tightening and breaking something. Do you know if there is a torque spec for this? Thanks
  12. Thanks for the welcome. The bolt i am referring to is just below the valve cover and I think it is one of the bolts for the cylinder head. It has a domed head Maybe someone in the past tried to stop the leak with a crush washer, who knows. I am an older guy just learning to use computer stuff and I don't have a camera to take a picture and if I did I wouldn't know how to get it from a camera to the computer box.
  13. You could also when doing a compression test take your first reading and if low put a little oil in the plug hole and test again. If the reading is higher then the rings are bad.
  14. I just got this quad a few days ago and finally got it running. It has oil leaking and it seems to be coming out around a cylinder bolt. Not the valve cover but just below and to the rear. Is there supposed to be crush washers on that bolt? and what are those bolts supposed to be torqued at? Thanks
  15. I had all the symptoms you have and adjusting the valves fixed mine. Oxidized plug sounds like water to me.

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