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  1. You got it right, not a cable..it's a rod that pushes on a rampes part that pushes the caliper in. The good news is that I picked up a used rotor and it all works..ya hoo . I have been doing these repairs for a long time and have never seen a rotor worn down so bad... I am going to get somebody to get me some pics of it and write a short how to..Good way to get brakes if you break a hydraulic line out on the trail..well at least with this machine..or if you plug one line you can still have brakes. Thank you
  2. The rear brake caliper no longer has a line running to it. I took it all out it has a mechanical lever that pushes the caliper out to engage the pads to the rotor... I guess if you never heard of or saw one then it would be hard to understand how it works. I did bleed the remaining lines and have lots of brakes on the front....The rear caliper was hydraulic or mechanical and I removed the hydraulic lines and now should work as mechanical..Hard to explain. Without the hydraulic, when I push down on the pedal it pushes on the caliper which closes the pads that grab the rotor.
  3. Sorry can't post pics, not that saavy, but basically it's a block with four holes that have hydraulic lines coming out of it. One line to the handle/reservoir, one line to each front caliper, and one line to the rear caliper. ...I took the line to the rear out and I made a plug to go into the block....That left me with the front brakes working and now the back one should work manually but with new pads it doesn't seem to squeeze the rotor hard enough... I only use this bike around my property and don't want to put any money into it. I'm leaning towards the rotor is worn down to much so I'll try to find one.
  4. Yes I put new pads on and if I have it on jack stands they will stop the wheel but not if the bike is moving....The old pads were worn way past the rivets almost to what is left is paper thin and I can bend easily with my fingers. The rotors/disks are only about 1/8 thick and I wonder if that would cause the pads to not squeeze it enough....So you think the rotors should be about 1/4 thick , if so then that could be the problem. But then again the new pads should make up the difference...don't know.
  5. Yes I am positive..The handlebar lever controls both the two front disk brakes and the rear disk brake....There is also a foot lever that controls only the rear brake manually. I blocked the brake line going to the rear which would leave it manual only..It works from foot pedal to lever on the rear caliper which turns and manually squeeze's the rear brake pads........................ It is a good system when working but my rear caliper was so messed up that I wanted to try this..........................The brake pads were worn so bad that it was the worst I've ever seen in 50 years................That being said would it be possible that the brake rotor would be so worn down that the caliper can't squeeze enough?
  6. The rear brake and front brake are hydraulic and work together from the the handlebar master cylinder. The rear brake also has a foot pedal that works the brake manually. I blocked the hydraulic line going to the rear and was just going to use it manually. It will stop the wheel when on jack stands but doesn't when on the road. The front brakes work fine like this but I also want the back one to work.
  7. The rear brakes on this are hydraulic and manual. The hydraulic part is all messed up so I disconnected it all and want to go just manual on the rear. I got it all put back together but doesn't seem to work to well, like not enough pressure. The manual says I should mark the casing before taking it apart which I didn't read until to late. Any ideas? I put new brake pads on.
  8. caperwing


  9. I got it done and painted with high temp. Sounds a lot better and never cost 400.. Good one.:)
  10. How is it running with it on? thinking back pressure. Rain finally stopped here so going to do mine today.
  11. That is exactly what I'm going to do to my muffler. Will look good flat black. Good idea.
  12. I found a used one but will take 2 weeks to get here. The axles are the same from 88 to 02. left and right are the same and the axles are the same either 2 or 4 wheel drive. Maybe someone else can use this info.
  13. Thanks, That's what I'm doing now but getting conflicting numbers. I'll just keep digging.
  14. I need to get a rear axle for this machine. Are 2wd and 4wd the same axle? Are left and right the same axle? What years will fit a 1990? Thanks
  15. The quad starts good and runs good if the choke is on just a little. I installed a carb kit and backed the screw out 13/4 turns to where it was . Any ideas? Thanks

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