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  1. Runs good if there's a back pressure problem drill another hole very quiet now
  2. well here it is. I tacked it in 4 places and a quick paint job. Sounds great
  3. it's quite snug on there but going to tack it with the mig. Drilled some concentric holes and it sounds nice
  4. Haven't got a service manual for this yet so I'm flying by the seat of my pants I made myself a shifter extension to go up by the gas tank took my foot shifter off to weld it and now when I put it back on I don't seem to be able to find neutral. Is there some asinine reason that you have to do something internally when you change or remove the foot shifter? It was a simple take off weld put back on and dog bite my pecker it's not working. I hope this is something simple I've done and that's something I need brain surgery for. Cheers fellas I know y'all will have the right answers
  5. Custom by Campbell, outstanding roadside chili and when you're done you can use the can LOL. Seriously though I'm looking for a muffler as well so I'm interested in following this post closely
  6. ok still not perfect but the exhaust is not great for starters - it's idling reasonably well as can be heard here.And yes as you can see I left it running in first Low_Idle_take2[1].mp4
  7. yea i'm just under2 turns. I gotta remove shit to get back at it now
  8. still got a slight popping at the carb and a miss at low rpm - stalling on idle. Air fuel mixture??
  9. 1.5 / 1.75 turns approximately. Took it for a boot yesterday and it is very responsive to the throttle and idles about 800(by ear) so I think I'm good ? I'll do a little vid today.
  10. Well I think this is idle-pic attached. It now runs fine.
  11. That's the problem, the idle cam isn't touching the adjustment screw but it's revving to high...
  12. used a electricians tri tap to gradually learn it's threads -it's all good. I put it on this morning and the blue smoke is gone but the carbs popping (lean?) and reving too high with the idle adjuster not even touching the cam. This is where I ask for help. Attached a small clip of her purring. Off to town but going to bring back some refreshments and work on it this afternoon. Hopefully one of you fine gentlemen will have a solution for me..Cheers VID_20190512_095505[1].mp4
  13. So nice to see pride of workmanship when working on a used bike for the first time....Anyways rebuild is done will install in the morning
  14. very informative- tx
  15. as the topic says I'm interested in brands of mufflers ur using. I want a quiet (drive up on moose quiet) but performance type. Whos got what? Mines seen better days

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