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  2. I certainly didn't say it was pretty but here it is. It works well for me I hope this only comes up with one picture for some reason every time I try and post it add to another picture dammit
  3. I gotta get me some of thide extenders for the air fuel adjust - nice
  4. I don't know what I was doing but after I tightened the slack on the shift cable all is well I'm a shiften in comfort
  5. Runs good if there's a back pressure problem drill another hole very quiet now
  6. well here it is. I tacked it in 4 places and a quick paint job. Sounds great
  7. it's quite snug on there but going to tack it with the mig. Drilled some concentric holes and it sounds nice
  8. Haven't got a service manual for this yet so I'm flying by the seat of my pants I made myself a shifter extension to go up by the gas tank took my foot shifter off to weld it and now when I put it back on I don't seem to be able to find neutral. Is there some asinine reason that you have to do something internally when you change or remove the foot shifter? It was a simple take off weld put back on and dog bite my pecker it's not working. I hope this is something simple I've done and that's something I need brain surgery for. Cheers fellas I know y'all will have the right answers
  9. Custom by Campbell, outstanding roadside chili and when you're done you can use the can LOL. Seriously though I'm looking for a muffler as well so I'm interested in following this post closely
  10. ok still not perfect but the exhaust is not great for starters - it's idling reasonably well as can be heard here.And yes as you can see I left it running in first Low_Idle_take2[1].mp4
  11. yea i'm just under2 turns. I gotta remove shit to get back at it now
  12. still got a slight popping at the carb and a miss at low rpm - stalling on idle. Air fuel mixture??
  13. 1.5 / 1.75 turns approximately. Took it for a boot yesterday and it is very responsive to the throttle and idles about 800(by ear) so I think I'm good ? I'll do a little vid today.
  14. Well I think this is idle-pic attached. It now runs fine.
  15. That's the problem, the idle cam isn't touching the adjustment screw but it's revving to high...

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