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  1. in my experience the sport style awd/4wd quads are good for sport. However if you hunt, carry coolers, etc, they are pointless. A utility quad will run just as fast and can be just as fun and they will carry your stuff. I always say price stuff and see if it is better to buy the base and add power steering and other "essential" items. Most ATV manufacturers are hard pressed to warrant any breakage. I run a shop and see so many guys with new machines that were not covered under warranty for mornonic reasons.
  2. Definitely cross reference all your needed parts on partzilla or rockymountainatv. Both are great places to check part numbers. eBay is a great place to get used parts.
  3. Honestly if the wiring is the same you would be better off cutting off the connector and soldering it to the new stator. It is hard to find anyone willing to do this type of work these days, but contact RMStator or Ricks and see if the are willing to do the work. I have used them in the past to rewind stators on really old machines that parts are not available for.
  4. Just popping in to say Hi. Did not see a new member forum thread so I decided to make one. I run my own powersports shop and browse these forums many times to help other members really.

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