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Cole Youmans

Need some expert insight!

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So I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a new quad and doing it up. 

Personaly im thinking either the outlander or renegade, they seem to be a lot of the people’s choices. 

So my questions are as follows...

should I buy a full trim and do it up from there, or will it be better to start basic and build it up? 

Which of the two would you recommend?

which engine cause I know bigger means heavier but is the weight worth it? 

No money needs to be spared but I don’t want to end up with a complete money pit.

any other quads and setups you would rather recommend than what I am concidering? 

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I like the Outlander Max 1000CC because I'm more into utility type of quad but if you are more into sport, get the renegade.



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in my experience the sport style awd/4wd quads are good for sport.  However if you hunt, carry coolers, etc, they are pointless.  A utility quad will  run just as fast and can be just as fun and they will carry your stuff.  I always say price stuff and see if it is better to buy the base and add power steering and other "essential" items.  Most ATV manufacturers are hard pressed to warrant any breakage.  I run a shop and see so many guys with new machines that were not covered under warranty for mornonic reasons.  

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There have been a few member that have asked about the aftermarket power steering. 

How involved is it and what’s your choice of brand of there at a lot of brands ? 

Me as a hunter, outdoor person love the 4x4. Big fan of Honda,  Ive yet to ride a power steering bike so honestly I have no clue.   

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If I were You I would stay with Honda. I was a BRP mechanic for quite few years and  I can tell you need a dedicated scanner to fix & clear fault codes, changing ECMs,,instrument clusters etc.  they are no easy cake in terms of maintenance  they use OBD II system which is fine but the trouble is getting into the system due to propietary software that costs thousands not hundreds to scan.besides proper training using that software,Japanese rigs are as powerful as canadians but way more reliable and overall more affordable. I hope this give you an idea of what to look for your next ride .Cheers!! 

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