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  2. I have an ultrasonic cleaner, they work really well. However, Frank is correct, you must do the heavy cleaning first before using the ultrasonic. I would say they are mostly not necessary for a 1 off carb cleaning.
  3. My advice, is before you disassemble be sure to take some pics of the current configuration. When you remove the needles and jets, count the turns for example on the pilot jet.... be very careful cleaning the components as not to damage the rubber parts, such as the diaphragm or O-rings. Just take your time for disassembly, cleaning, ane reassembly and you should be good to go. I also recommend watching a couple of videos on cleaning a carb (for do's and dont's), you can find some on youtube easily.
  4. I would also recommend ebay, just be careful to double check all of the specifications. This will ensure you get the right kit the first time.
  5. Many times they are sealed with a gasket compound. This can stick the case halves together pretty good. Be very gentle and pry, being careful not to damage the stator cover you are trying to remove. I like to use a rubber mallet as well to gently tap the case covers off. Just be VERY careful and don't pry on machined, sealing surfaces or you'll have bigger issues than you currently have. Good Luck!
  6. Please let us know how it went...Did you snap any pics?
  7. Thanks for the info Frank....man that long stem mix screw is awesome! I think my biggest challenge is getting the correct size jetting for the pilot and main jets. Especially in some of the aftermarket chinese carbs.
  8. Per the other's recommendation, look on ebay for some quad LED lights. LEDs have such a lower current draw that you can replace any OEM light with them and still be within operational design for the electrical system. happy wiring!
  9. Good tips suggested here... I would add for those with carbs to start in the Fall season with adding a fuel stabilizer and also draining the float bowl on carb. Disconnect/remove battery and place it into a location that will not be freezing. This should make your Spring prep go much faster and get you back on trail in the Spring.
  10. My experience... Major brands - used older machines are tough and generally easier to obtain parts for in the aftermarket and used. Many times if they are broken can be purchased for the same price as a Chinese ATV. Parts to repair will cost about the same or less than a new Chinese machine, but they tend to be very reliable once repaired. Retains resale value after you are done riding/repairing it. Chinese brands - can be purchased cheap and repaired cheap when they break. I would only recommend someone who really wants to get into repairing ATVs or likes to tinker constantly with something to purchase them. (Of course mileage can very from brand to brand) Resale value is little to non-existent once they are broken. as a side note, I have purchased many an older kawasaki or suzuki quads and repaired them cheaper than most sellers want for their piles of broken chinese ATVs.
  11. We always rode 'homemade' go carts, until i was old enough to afford my first quad. A suzuki z400, then discovered the fun of riding and working on them soon after!
  12. It sure is rewarding, then you get to ride, break it, it do it over again!!

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