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  1. Hey Guys, I just bought my first Quad, a 2014 Sportsman 400 HO and want to replace the battery. It's not dead, but the voltage seems low and I'm not sure how old the battery is. What does everybody recommend for a replacement battery? Is there a difference that I should know about? I see Gel batteries, Regular Acid sealed batteries and a lot of different prices. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the article. Unfortunately the only key I got with the Quad does not have any markings or numbers on it. I went to 2 locksmiths and they don't have the blank. I thought I could buy a couple blanks from Polaris but apparently they can't determine which blank fits my bike by the VIN or engine code. I guess I'll just have to buy a couple of each type and match it to the key and then have them cut at a locksmith.
  3. Does anybody know how to determine which of the 2 key blanks fits my ATV. I have called several dealers, and Polaris and nobody seems to know which key fits which ATV. I thought with the ViN number they could look it up, but apparently not. I hate to spend the money at Polaris for a key blank and then pay a locksmith to cut it, but the locksmiths around me don't have the Polaris keys in stock. I find them on Amazon and places, but I can't tell which key blank is right for my ATV. Any help would be appreciated.

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