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  1. I do yes. I just looked them up and quite expensive here and nor Prime eligible and are two to three weeks away. Open to other suggestions but may have to bite the bullet. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Oddly I'm having a hard time ordering front brake shoes for my '98. I'd appreciate recommendations on decent, widely available shoes if possible. Ideally available in Canada on short notice. Thanks much, Warren
  3. Ripped into it today. Looks like it's the rectifier for certain. Burnt at the connector and disconnecting it eliminated continuity between red and black wiring at battery. Any good sources for a decent replacement? Also, do rectifiers just die like that or is there anything else I should check? Thanks! Warren
  4. Ugh. I just put them back off after being off for about six weeks.
  5. Nothing while riding. It had been sitting a week. Fired right up and five minutes into an idle this happens. Will try unplugging rectifier if I can reach it without removing plastics. Thanks
  6. So I fired up the quad the other day and let it idle for about 5-10 minutes and it ran great then died. I go to check it. No lights on dash, nothing. Check the main fuse and it's blown. Key's off/out. Put in another and it blows immediately. Pull out the meter and see that on the non-load side of the fuse holder there's continuity to ground. Check all obvious things. Wiring diagram. Connectors. Frayed wires. Bad grounds. Battery measures ok at 12.8v. I'm dreading taking off the front plastics but I suspect the regulator/rectifier. The wiring diagram shows the red wire (the suspect wire) goes to the ignition switch and the regulator/rectifier. Anyone else experience something similar and/or have any troubleshooting tips that may save me the grief of removing the plastics? Thanks much, Warren
  7. Ed Zeppeli

    Ed Zeppeli

  8. Xwrench3 Very informative post. Thanks for sharing your experience. Warren
  9. When you describe the issue as being at 1/4 throttle only it kind of rules out spark in my mind and I keep going back to thinking something's up with the carb transitioning from idle circuit to main jet.
  10. Cool video. Does your idle jet have a spring, o-ring and seating washer? ie, all the parts are there?
  11. Awesome. Thanks. Found the OEM part numbers and seal dimensions here. That narrows it down a bit. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/1998-suzuki-king-quad-lt-f4wdx/o/m139197#sch276279
  12. I have some wobble in my right rear wheel. Too much wobble. So I've torn into it and will need two bearings and two (different) seals. I'd like to get them locally if possible but need to know the number on the sides of the bearings and seals as I don't know that my bearing shop can source them by vehicle model. I'm told they're very common bearings. Any idea what the numbers are if mine end up being illegible? Thanks, Warren
  13. Yep. Thanks for the reminder. This one will just buy me some time. Now that I know the thing runs I feel better about ordering some parts for it to get it back into great condition.
  14. Heh. Yeah. I was about to go digging around for that kind of trouble. Turned out to be a kink of some sort in the throttle cable. I had cycled it fully before twisting the carb into position and it all looked good. Go figure. I'm just glad I didn't have to take the carb out again.

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