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  1. Ed Zeppeli

    Ed Zeppeli

  2. Xwrench3 Very informative post. Thanks for sharing your experience. Warren
  3. When you describe the issue as being at 1/4 throttle only it kind of rules out spark in my mind and I keep going back to thinking something's up with the carb transitioning from idle circuit to main jet.
  4. Cool video. Does your idle jet have a spring, o-ring and seating washer? ie, all the parts are there?
  5. Awesome. Thanks. Found the OEM part numbers and seal dimensions here. That narrows it down a bit. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/1998-suzuki-king-quad-lt-f4wdx/o/m139197#sch276279
  6. I have some wobble in my right rear wheel. Too much wobble. So I've torn into it and will need two bearings and two (different) seals. I'd like to get them locally if possible but need to know the number on the sides of the bearings and seals as I don't know that my bearing shop can source them by vehicle model. I'm told they're very common bearings. Any idea what the numbers are if mine end up being illegible? Thanks, Warren
  7. Yep. Thanks for the reminder. This one will just buy me some time. Now that I know the thing runs I feel better about ordering some parts for it to get it back into great condition.
  8. Heh. Yeah. I was about to go digging around for that kind of trouble. Turned out to be a kink of some sort in the throttle cable. I had cycled it fully before twisting the carb into position and it all looked good. Go figure. I'm just glad I didn't have to take the carb out again.
  9. Found a temp solution using a cork with electrical tape. Now I'm trying to figure out the high idle issue. Too high to attempt to put it in gear, may have to mess with the pilot screw.
  10. The plug that you have to remove to get a visual on the cam position for timing purposes. That's what I mangled. Success is that the quad is now running; albeit with a very high idle that the idle screw seems to ignore.
  11. Already tried a boat transom plug: too big. lol Called my local Suzuki dealer yesterday and it's a part they'd have to order so I bailed on the idea thinking it was the least of my concerns at the moment. It's a concern now!
  12. SUCCESS! More details soon... ...meanwhile, I mangled the cam access plug and am throwing oil on the exhaust? Any ideas for something I can use while I wait to source the actual part? TKS.
  13. Will report back with my findings today.

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