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  2. $70 on Amazon! Genuine mikuni, almost a direct copy of the one on the 87-89 Quadrunner! Yup! All new on the CV in the video. Jet was 2.5 turns out. Tried 3, tried 2... both only affected the over-all idle and not the bogg issue.
  3. I have run 2 different CDI's, and the problem is worse with the stock one... but with a spark tester I have no deviation in spark... it seems to be the mixture. Then again, still unsure if the mixture is just masking the problem. It does run REALLY well once it gets over the hump. I did complain to Caltric about the low voltage coming out of the stator and they send me a brand new one at no cost. I am tempted to sell it online and put the money towards getting my stock one rebuilt by Ricks Electronics. I have tossed at VM30 Mikuni on the bike for right now and it SEEMS to be a lot better... (was going to upgrade anyway). I may bite the bullet on another CDI, possibly a used eBay one rather than another Chinese POS.
  4. I have a bulldog winch mount on my 1995, it brings the winch up under the front bumper... but you have to use a smaller winch... 2500-3000lb would be the max size. I used the small Traveler winch from Tractor Supply. eTrailer sells the winch mount for under $70, and the winch itself was $80 with a coupon. I'm sure you could find a Badlands winch at Harbor Freight for $50. The item number on eTrailer is Item # BDW15135.
  5. Sounds good! I did the same test on my r/r and CDI... basic diode resistance test. I'll try that out when I get a minute this weekend and report back! Thanks for the help!
  6. I just did a no-load test on the AC stator. Set the meter to AC 200V... only getting about 50v per each leg when held at high revs. Me-thinks it may be the issue... which sucks. 3x opening the damn engine, the last time to install this new Caltric stator. So upset.
  7. I just tried all 3. The results are: Battery was a steady 13.00v prior to test. Electrosport: 14.0v idle, 14.4v rev. Caltric: 13.8v idle, 13.9v rev. Suzuki (original): 13.9v idle, 13.6v rev. The ride and running videos were all with the Electrosport unit installed.
  8. Here's a video of it as received and up-to actually riding it. You be the judge! (there is a lot of banter, feel free to skip around). Ride portion is the last 4 mins of the video, 12:22 is how it was before the head rebuild... fluttering and stuttering at 1/4 throttle.
  9. Drain bolt on the bottom, fill hole on the side. Fill it to the bottom of the fill hole. You can do it with piece of clear tubing on a funnel, but 80/90w runs SLOWLY, so you'll have a lot in the tube by the time it's actually full. Over-filling isn't a huge issue, but it may leak out of the axle holes past the seals. Just make sure the vent isn't clogged.
  10. I bought the Kimpex exhaust for mine. Found it on ebay for $180 brand new. Don't know if they still make them. I had a soup can on mine for a LONG time. haha, finally cut the spark arrestor off but it was too loud. Ended up using it on my Quadrunner 250 with a plate welded over the hole and a piece of 1" pipe welded to the center. Works well!
  11. Hey all! Currently ride on private property only. Own 2 quads, a 95' King Quad 300, and a 95' Quadrunner 250 (soon to be turned into a buggy/UTV). Been riding anything and everything since I was very little. Avid motorcyclist for the past 15 years until last year when I was in an accident. A car pulled out not looking and I went over the hood doing about 30. Banged an bruised, totaled my 14' Triumph Thruxton. I have a couple young boys, so I decided no more street riding until they're out of school... so I've restricted myself to the woods! Haha. I'm a pretty decent mechanic, built everything from cafe-racers, dune buggies, bagger Harleys, mopeds, dirtbikes, lawnmowers, you name it. I love to tinker, and the garage is my safe space. Hope to get some help and provide any where I can! Thanks for having me! -Dan (AimlessMoto)
  12. Age 11, 1999 BearTracker 250 4x2 we bought brand new for the farm (my dad still uses it to this day, only ever changed the tires and battery)
  13. Hey guys, new here, but haven't found ANY answer to my specific problem on a Suzuki dedicated ATV forum, so here's to hoping! I acquired a 95' Quadrunner 250, 4x4, (LT4WD) for practically nothing with no spark. The PO had tossed in a used stator which didn't fix the problem... so I went all routes (though cheaply) to narrow down the initial problem of no spark. Plug, coil, CDI (caltric) and stator w/pickup (caltric) were purchased and installed. And it RAN, but bogged horribly and would not rev past 1/4 throttle. I checked fuel flow, vacuum lines, all the normal stuff, no issues. I decided to check the valves and cam... well, there was one problem. The cam was 1mm under the lowest spec in the manual. So, in-came a new cam, Stage 1 Hotcams... also threw in a new set of shindy valves, lapped them, replaced the valve seals, and the timing chain. Back together again (w/stock airbox and new oiled filter). Now it idles even better, still boggs at 1/4 throttle, but will rev past it if you hold the throttle open for a second. Ahaha... success! So I was able to ride it above 1/4 throttle once I had momentum... could shift through the gears, all was good as long as I kept it over 1/2 throttle. Took a long enough ride to break in the cam properly at least so I won't have to worry about that. Now, I start fiddling with the carb. It's clean as a whistle, stock, with stock jets (new replacement Mikuni jets). Same problem. I start thinking, maybe this is fuel related and the bike is having an issue transitioning from idle jet to main jet... so I LOWER the needle by raising the clip 1 spot. Now it revvs up in neutral with no bog, but it boggs about the same trying to ride it. So I move the needle down again with the clip on the top slot. Better, but still has a bit of bog at 1/4 throttle. The last bit of advice I got was to ditch the CV carb... so I sprung for a brand new Mikuni VM30-83 round-slide. Bolted it up, blew into the vacuum tube to fill it with fuel (no vacuum port on this one) and she fired right up... but there is still a bit of bog, it's just masked by the fact that I'm not waiting for the vacuum diaphragm to open. So I feel like each little step brings me closer, but not perfect. I'm now wondering if this is still in-fact a carb tuning issue (I have some jets I can fiddle with and maybe lean-out the idle jet a little.) OR if the cheap-a** Caltric Stator/Pickup is what's causing these issues. I have a 95' KingQuad with 400 miles on it... like new.. runs like a top... I've tried both the stock QR and the Caltric CDI boxes on it, and it revvs up and runs like a champ. The only unknowns between the two systems are the carb, and the stator/pickup. My next step in troubleshooting is to rip apart the King Quad and test it's CDI on the Quadrunner... but considering there is no change to how it runs I doubt it will lead to a solution. HOWEVER... I tried the stock CDI just recently after running the Caltric this whole time, and the bike runs like garbage. Hardly idles, and won't rev up at all. So, that is my one smoking gun telling me that it's either the pickup coil or the stator itself. Has anyone had a problem even CLOSE to this? I can't image the carb would be causing this many issues, especially going to 2 different ones, both with stock jetting to OEM, and exhibiting the identical symptoms... the only change is when different CDI's are plugged in, or when the needle valve leans out the mixture. Also, I checked the piston, rings and bore when I had it apart and they're like-new... no scoring, rings are loose, cylinder is still round and has honing marks still int he bore. Stock piston, stock bore size and it has 160psi compression. Battery is brand new, and I've tried 3 different R/R's, none of which change any symptoms, but slightly vary the charging voltage by .2-.5 of a volt depending on which unit. Also tried a new coil which changed nothing. ANY help would be appreciated. Too much invested to not get it running right.

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