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  1. Hi Frank, Thanks for your help. You were right it was the starter was weak. I installed the new starter today, it works perectly! I honestly forgot what it was like, now I barely have to touch the button and boom, she's running and raring to go!
  2. Did you get any further with this? Was the stator bad?
  3. Yes, I was wondering about that. I'll have to borrow a tester and give that a go. Do you know what the compression should be? thanks.
  4. Hi Frank, To me it seems to turn fast enough, but I have ordered a statrter just in case, wondering if it could be anything else though.
  5. Thak you Frank, I don't know because if it is warmed up it will start normally.
  6. Pushing the start button the engine turns and will forever without starting. But if I use the kick start it will start with one or two kicks everytime, any idea as to what is going on. New good battery and coil, I'm ready to try anything. It's a great bike, but this is getting anoying. Thank you.
  7. I have a similar issue, but intermittant, guess I[ll be checking the ground as well.
  8. Have a Bayou 400. sometimes when I press the start button i hear the solenoid click but the starter does not engage. Here is the strange thing though, when that happens if I kick the kick start just once then press the start button starter engages normally. Any ideas?
  9. Hey Frank, Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try after work.
  10. I have the same problem. Sometimes it starts normally and others the relay clicks but the starter does not spin.

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