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  1. Michael P

    New member

    Hi welcome.
  2. Michael P


    Nice buck! Great view! Welcome.
  3. Michael P

    The End is Near

    I just subscribed!
  4. Michael P

    1995 Kawasaki Bayou 220 - No Spark Issues

    Check your ground wires might be the issue I'm having same issue and another member told me to check the grounds, I'll be checking them when i get home from work.
  5. Michael P

    Kawasaki bayou 400 no spark

    Did you find the problem?
  6. Michael P

    Bayou 400 no spark issue

    thanks i will check grounds when i get off work didn't think about grounds makes sense
  7. Michael P

    Hi new member

    I buy and fix atv's as a hobby si I'll be on here from time to time looking for help and giving help thanks.
  8. Michael P

    Bayou 400 no spark issue

    Hi i have bayou 400 when i turn it over i get one little spark and that's it? New cdi ,switch, and a used regulator/retifier,new battery any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  9. Michael P

    Kawasaki Bayou 220 - No Spark

    Was that the problem?