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  1. Yes the left cable is for the choke but the system is broken so it doesn't hold now I have to pull up with my fingers if I would start engine, not really practice lol but I will repair it soon and the right lever is for front brake yes
  2. Ok thak you very much I will search for it. Now I will also search the 2 wires R/B and R/W back of the radiator to be sure that CDI unit is not at ground and engine doesn't run. Thank you my friend I'll tell you later about my problem 😉
  3. Frank has promise pictures of my handlebar. On the left you can see 2 black wires which are for run the starter during I'm touching them because I have no starter swich
  4. Hi! I don't know if you have found a new stator but you can buy it on the website electrexworld in UK. I did that for my Triumph motorbike and now everything is ok for low cost it's not original part but match 100%. Bye
  5. Hi Guys! I'm French and i like this forum so much, I love also America so I join all lol. I'm asking if there are some French as me here? Thank you bye
  6. Ok. Other thing when I get started the ATV I heared a big noise of steel back of engine clang clang clang so effraid during starter was running do you know what does it mean? ATV not started since too many times?
  7. Yes I'm sure it's writed on the serial card but it's also writed paoletti racing and 450 ztrail do you know what does it mean?
  8. Thank you for the pic friend, so mine look older than yours. I've got not picture instead but I will show you nearly
  9. No i've only found the key swictch wich is front on my eyes but not the switch to turn off I can't see it on the handlebar. My first problem is the engine doesn't start so fuel is ok, spark plug is wet, and engine would run nearly but not. Sparks on spark plug are ok. Fuses are ok so I was searchin' for security switches maybe? I'm searchin for atv repair manual soon..
  10. Ok i will try lol. I would like to know if there is an engine stop switch on yamaha 450 wolverine 2006 or not or there is only the main switch to stop it? Thanks
  11. Salut! J'ai acheté un quad 450 wolverine de 2006 mais je ne trouve pas le circuit coupé au guidon n'existe pas sur 2006? Merci les gars
  12. Salut à tous je suis nouveau sur le forum et dans l'univers du quad. Je possède une moto et je me lance dans le quad tout terrain. A bientot les amis

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