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  1. Does anyone know if kill switch on my Big Bear normally will spin starter but no spark when in the OFF position?
  2. My old Big Bear nearly left me stranded but I managed to limp back to my garage just before it died. Now No Spark. I’ve changed the obvious, inexpensive and easy parts- spark plug & coil without any luck. Ive stripped it down and traced all of the related wiring, checking as many connections as I can but no luck again. Next I pulled the cover and accessed the stator housing to inspect and do some resistance testing to ID a possible short. Here are my readings: Source coil- 325 ohms Pickup coil- 225 Can anyone tell me if these are good numbers, and if good, where to go next? I assume my next purchase will either be a new stator or CDI, but since neither of these tend to be returnable items I want to be as sure as I can I’m gonna get a resolution to the problem!! Thanks, Gary in SC
  3. Very helpful information. Thanks!
  4. Looking for possible stator failure testing references for my 1992 Big Bear 350 4x4 that suddenly developed NO SPARK symptoms. Have installed new spark plug and new coil. Hoping to ID the problem before spending big on new CDI as last resort. Any help appreciated. Gary in SC.

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