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  2. Thanks! I'll see what I can find. Never was "perfect" but I got along with it before (started OK cold and warm but had to use the rope to start after I gave it a good workout. The stator and maybe the coil fits because if the wax (??) insulation on the coils was already going weak, the heat buildup could have just made it worse. Was working it hard the day it quit also (4x6ft chain harrow) warms it up to begin with then the lack of oil (long story) just heated it up more.
  3. I have a chinese (Jainshe puma 250) quad that is a yamaha beartracker knockoff. I think the problem I am having is a generic (to other brands/cycles) one. Here goes: It won't start with the electric start, cranks good but won't fire. A quick pull on the rope and it kicks right off.... Idles fine and revs decent. After it is warm it will sometimes start with the starter but usually not. Always starts right up with the rope. This just started after I ran it without oil and almost siezed the motor..... Things got pretty warm down there...... (has new cyl, head and gasket, piston, and rings now with 12 bar (175 psi) compression) The way it's acting is there just isn't enough power to fire the plug when the starter is turning. Also, when you ride it, it goes along just fine to about half throttle then looses power after..... Carb is fine, has been cleaned and adjusted..... Even put a carb off the same one that was/is running fine with the same results....... Any idea where I should look? As far as I can see, there only 4 parts to the ignition. The CDI box, the stator, the coil, and the sparkplug. The part exposed to the heat was the stator, but could it be causing the problem I'm having? Or can someone point me to an active/helpful forum for quads in the UK. American ones don't get a lot of action that I see and the german ones don't have a lot of "fixers" and the language barrier don't help much. Thanks for any tips. Dave
  4. Didn't do so good in modified, but sure looks old...Dog's no spring chicken either Dave
  5. I just pressure washed everything and got some Krylon Fusion camo paint. Done OK for my purposes. Dave
  6. Thanks Folks! Things aren't always what they seem though. The intake boot between the carb and jug was cut a little from a (I guess) too narrow clamp. Must have been that way from the time I installed it and sucking air. Anyway, ordered a new one. Just out of curiosity and cause I saw a bottle setting close by, I smeared a nice coat of gorilla glue around it. Thing hasn't ran better since I bought it......... Thanks, Dave
  7. Hey folks, On my quad (250cc yamaha 4 stroke motor). It's actually a Jainshe Puma 250, but it's just a renamed beartracker. It seams like the spark is a little weak. Starts up and runs fine in warm weather when I don't need the choke, but as soon as you choke it, it has to start the first crank or it won't start without a bunch of sweat that ends up usually with a shot of ether. As soon as it starts and warms up, no problems until it sets overnight or several hours. When I pull the plug and crank it, it has a blue spark, but not the tuff guy look that you see on a car or lawnmower. The plug is gapped IAW the book (forget what it is at the moment). Could the coil be bad, or bad connections somewhere? Any ideas? Thanks, Dave
  8. Life is good........... Even starts with a bump of the electric starter. Now, I can get to a little cosmetics. Is there something better than fiberglass to work on the fenders (couple cracks and one missing chunk)? Thanks, Dave
  9. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!! measured the diameter of the two throats and got on ebay. Got a new Mikuni with manual choke for 65 bucks and am all over it. Thanks for the input! Dave
  10. The choke on this thing is no flap. It's a valve (jet?) that lets in more fuel when it's cold. As soon as it has electric on it, it gradually heats/expands to close the jet. If I take it out or unhook it, the jet won't close and it will be like leaving the choke on. Dave
  11. I guess...... Is there a way to test it besides pulling it out and watching it move (which it does)? I found one like the one I bought and it says it's vacuum operated to eliminate an accelerator pump. My problem isinitial acceleration, could it be that I don't have a vacuum line hooked up or one hooked up wrong? Anyone that has the same setup and can tell me what to look for? Thanks, Dave
  12. Thanks! The carb from a parts dealer for that vehicle (Jianshe) was about 300 bucks, so I went on ebay and found a carb for a 250 cc chinese ATV with the same measurements on the 2 necks and an electric choke. Installed it and things were peachy for a little while. Now it starts and warms up a little before I can ride it and does just fine for 50 yds or 2 miles (until I stop/get off the throttle) then you have to coax it into taking off again while it sputters and burps through the carb a little while before zooming along to the next stop. The revving is random at idle and not always. Usually I start it and let it idle a couple minutes before I get on, sometimes the idle speed will climb to what sounds like about half throttle and not slow down until I shut it off and start again and everything is then normal (except for the acceleration problem). I'm thinking that finding a new carb for 50 bucks is like playing lottery and wondering if I should just get another one. Dave
  13. Makes sense because it does fine until the choke closes (is no longer needed) and the rich fuel is still flowing in. I'll check it out and clean things up. Thanks for the nudge. Dave BTW: It does rev hi for no reason.

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