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  1. ok didnt realize this but a buddy of mine helped me out with the issue i was having and i guess i had everything correctly installed but in order to shift the crank has to be moving. shifted just fine after but as soon as you stopped moving it itll lock up again....... is this normal that internals have to be moving in order for the tranny to shift????
  2. hey guys need help asap........got an 86 lt230s that i just put a new crank in. i put it all back together and tryed to shift gears and it feels locked up. took it apart to make sure nothing was installed incorrectly and nothin was so put the crank case back together and tryed to shift it and it still wouldnt shift. dont kno what to do or how else to aproach this. even befor i put the case together i manually made sure the trans shifted through all the gears even through revers and it did until i put the case together. any ideas?????
  3. heres the latest updated pics of the LT250 rebuild
  4. the first 2 are iffy but i got: 3 or 8, S or 5, EAJ43462102519
  5. I'll get the vin when i get home from work and put it up on the board
  6. ok guys need help tryin to figure this one out, pics of the bike are on the rebuild thread, but i just realized that its a four stroke and not a two stroke. Did they make 250's in four stroke form or is ithe bike a 230? (i was told by several people that its a 250 but still not sure)
  7. uh oh, did they make 250's in four stroke form or did 230's only come four stroke?
  8. lol i just realized that, it is a 4 stroke but anyways i have a few more pics i'll post up in a few
  9. it is a 2 stroke, but anyway it is a project indeed and i'm lookin forward to getting it running. (not running when i got it )
  10. its rough looking but this is what i'm starting out with
  11. ok guys, just started tearing down the bike on tuesday after work and i was quit surprized at how much i got done in a 2 hrs. got all the plastics off and removed the motor. And also got some air craft cleaner and started to spray down the frame so i can repaint it. I was shocked to see how many different colors wer beneith the top layer of paint. Ther was a range from black, blue, yellow, and purple for the frame; and the shocks had about three different colors painted over them to. After spraying it down i noticed the front wheels changed colors to. I was excited on this one cause i found ou
  12. i will, i'm gonna start a new thread with the rebuild and pics
  13. thanx for that article and info, thats exactly what i was looking for and wanted to here. i'm hoping to start taking apart the bike this week and start painting and rebuilding what i have to to start getting it running.
  14. hey guys new to the Atv world but have ridden for a few years. I just bought a suzuki 250r LT with the kick start. The only problem is, is that it wont start, and it feels like it has no compression. Has anyone had experience putting a top end rebuild on one of these bike? Is it hard to do? And is ther any torque specs i should know?

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