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  1. Thanks. Yes .. I love how the offroad community really pulls together to make a difference in the lives of so many .. of us all really. I am very proud to be a part of such an awesome community
  2. I hope I did this right. This is a shot of some of the Cancer Survivors and Supporters joining in with the Tour for a Cure at the 10th annual Hatfield-McCoy Trailfest.
  3. Thanks. I love that "speed bump" shot as well. I love them all actually. Such an awesome sport we have and it always shows up in our pics. Can't help but love it!
  4. Hi Everyone. I am back! :-) Here is a shot of me riding my RZR the day after the National Trailfest at Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. This was shot over on the Little Coal River Trail. Hope you enjoy!
  5. Playing in the mud with RZR ... seeing what she can do!!! I was impressed!! :-) Can't get the bigger image to show. I can only see it by clicking on the thumbnail below. Will try to figure out how to do it differently? Any suggestions?
  6. Hi ... excellent. Yes, I would love to. Sending you a private message. Thanks :-)
  7. That is so awesome. I have sent her a post on that forum. I hope to hear back from her. Thanks for the suggestion! :-)
  8. Hi there. Wow. Excellent Story. Maybe I could tell your story sometime? I am a journalist in the ATV community and would love to help tell your story to inspire others! I have a recovery story myself so I know what its like to overcome something like that and to find a way to ride again. So KUDOS to you! Glad you are here. Let me know if you are interested in having a story done about you! :-)
  9. Hey everyone. I am really enjoying this community so far! I wanted to share with you all my article that just came out about the Championship Mud Racing Event Season Opener. It helps me the more people that go and view my article and I would love any input, suggestions or questions that any of you have. I try to stay in touch with the ATV Enthusiasts across the nation so I can do stories that you all want to read. So please help me be able to keep doing that by going and clicking on my article and letting me know what you think. As always, I am always open to story ideas that any of you have! Go the link below to read the article and see the pictures from that event. Thanks for your help and support! CJ Click here --> ATV Source - Racing - 2009 - Championship Mud Racing 2nd Season begins in style at Carolina Adventure World
  10. Please go to my blog to learn how you can help stop the ban on Youth ATVs!! This is something we need to do NOW! We have got to make a difference or this ban is going to irreversibly change our ATV World and Community in a way that will hurt us all ! I also seriously need people to sign up as members on my Blog. I work hard to try to make a difference for the better in our ATVing community and I am asking each of you to please register for my Blog. I use it as an outlet to let EVERYONE in the ATVing community know of the different concerns of the ATVing Community. I just started it and am trying to get it going. I won't send you a bunch of emails or newsletters or anything like that. I won't sell your email address. I am just wanting to raise some numbers on my Blog so that the people reading it know I have others who are reading what I write and that I am not alone the things that I take so serious in our community! It only take a minute to sign up ... so please go there now and sign up. Thank you all for your support. Please let me know what you think! Here is the link ... Please click ---> Welcome to CJ Rena Johnson’s Blog and always ... I am totally open to suggestions, comments and any concerns that you would like to see dealt with! Thanks again! I hope you have an AWESOME day!!
  11. This is one way to go surfing! Riding the wave at the local mud bog!

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