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  1. The design of the starter does not appear to have a sliding starter gear. It appears to stay in in the same location at all times. When I have had the starter off to test and then reinstalled, it has to mesh with the gear in the bottom of the starter houseing location in the side cover. The gear in the bottom of the starter houseing location spins freely in both directions. The starter is turning this gear when the clutch is is activated and the starter button is depressed. Has anyone been into this particular model ATV starter gear drive? Joe.
  2. I have not worked on a Suzuki before but have alot of mech experience. The starter appears to engauging. And spinning strong. I put a new battery on it. The gear that the starter engauges spins freely in either direction. I am getting ready to pull the clutch cover off and see why the gear spins freely. That is unless yall can keep me from heading in the wrong direction. Joe.
  3. Starter is turning but the gear to turn the crankshaft spins freely. It does not turn the engine over. Is there a shear pin or do we have deeper problem?

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