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  1. I couldn't ride.... So I decided to go out and shoot an enduro and hare scramble. Good times... Michaux Enduro, PA Americas oldest enduro Family at checkpoint Dad new bike... Rausch Creek State Championship Hare Scramble
  2. Located throughout the NE region of pa, is a large coal mining company known as reading anthracite, and their land, is your land. (as long as you buy a permit...) For more info, check out my trail listing... Reading Anthracite's VAST Acreage Coal Country by LostInPa QUADCRAZY ATV Community A few pics of my favorite play areas, sorry no trail pics yet Sand quarry Trevorton! Mountain sized coal hills and a secret mx track
  3. Hello everyone! My name's chris, i live just outside of harrisburg Pa, and love riding coal country. I work as a security guard, photographer, and also as my dads "helper" when he needs me. I drive a beater nissan pickup nicknamed Champ and ride an '03 z400 with elka's and tons more. I'm an easy going guy that just needs his adrenaline fix. I'm not a drinker or much of a partier, so i tend to lean more toward outlaw hobbies such as riding, 4x4ing, and Urban Exploring (google it, i photograph abandonments) for my fix. Here's a few pics of what i'm all about... Riding! Friends and Family My Camp! Exploring Abandonments!!!! Insane Asylum Prison Old Resort See you on the trails!

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