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  1. Came out great and is definitely looking good. Give me hope to restore my Kodiak, hoping it's not too costly for the rehab of it.
  2. It took me some time to locate mine as well. Lower Left frame rail, about 4-6 inches behind the fender, for me. Problem was, I kept overlooking it due to how banged up the stamp was.
  3. Appreciate it and thank you. I'm hoping that this site helps me through some troubling repairs, that I'm sure will be coming.
  4. Hellraiser69


  5. Just got a new to me, 99 Kodiak w/ plow and an extra set of tires for dirt cheap. I'm curious where you guys purchase your parts for your older ATV's? Google is great to find parts, but I'm hoping you guys have some stores, online, that you prefer on a recommendation basis. I've already purchased my tune-up items, but the brakes need some work and I'll likely end up having to replace the steering stem bearing, front CV axles and a few other things down the road.

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