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Yamaha Bear Tracker 250 Where to start?

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Have an Bear Tracker 250. Dont have the manual or any literature to help with. Anyhow, starts with pull start in gear, and electric starter doesnt work. Also, neutral light doesnt come on. Where should I begin?? Need some direction on troubleshooting all this. Thanks a million.


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Think I got it Frank! Used my lawnmower battery and it started right up. I think I'm gonna get a new relay because its hit or miss with it it seems. Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate it!

Do the headlights come on? If so, then the likely culprit is the neutral safety switch. Theres a green wire and a black or white wire right by your left heel sitting down. See if there is continuity o

I have these 

Posted Images

Do the headlights come on? If so, then the likely culprit is the neutral safety switch. Theres a green wire and a black or white wire right by your left heel sitting down. See if there is continuity on that switch when in neutral. If theres not, then there's the issue. You may be able to pull the left brake lever fully and bypass the neutral safety switch also. My 93 kodiak would do that. 

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If no lights and no starter button I'd look for a blown fuse between the  battery and starter solenoid. Can't really tell much though until you start at the battery with a test light and work your way forwards. 

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Mark is spot on.

#1 neutral safety switch is acting up. May be a mechanical issue where the shift linkage is located under the side case that makes contact for the neutral light/relay to lock out or a wiring issue right above it. 
#2 the starter relay  has a fuse on the side of it under a rubber cap. If your not familiar with this relay its the one with the two bigger wires on it, one comes from the positive terminal on the battery and the other  one goes to the starter.  Pull the cap and check the fuse. Some models put the fuse within that same  area so look all over where the battery is etc. 


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Machine has several issues. I started bye adjusting valves and pilot screw due to only running on choke and high idle without choke. 

After looking at neutral switch, I discovered there are NO wires coming from it nor do I see any around it. Were are the wires supposed to go that are missing?


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There should be a light Green and Red wire coming from the left side of the engine right above the shifter. That green wire goes to the round aluminum relay under the seat by the battery.  Relay should be round, aluminum and have 4 wires coming from it.   Two black one green and one brown. 
The brown is 12v positive.  The green is a negative that is made when the bike is in neutral.  That negative is made be the shifter inside the  engine cover touching an electrical contact within the engine when shifted.   When this happens the brown 12v+ going to the relay and the green negative send power to the relay and the relay closes making the two black wires on the relay connect.  This allows the start button to work because the atv knows its in neutral.   
The red wire  goes from the neutral safety switch to the light on the dashboard to indicate its in reverse.  


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Thank you. How do I test to see if natural switch is good? The green wire that connects to it was torn off, but when I hold it on the switch, the light still doesnt come on and switch doeant engage starter. Starter is proven good, cause it will start quad when its given 12 volts directly from battery. Also headlights dont work, but havent checked bulbs yet either.

Forgot to mention, both 30 amp fuses in battery box are good.

All the relays I see are plastic too

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Im a complete idiot!!! I apologize, but for some reason i thought we were talking about a bayou.  I was working on a  bayou and somehow responded to the wrong topic. 
Yours is a bear tracker!! I had one, it was my first atv that i picked ip a few years back before getting back into all this. Here is a diagram showing your neutral safety switch. 
if the green wire that connects to the switch is broken off and is coming from the harness side try to ground to the frame and see if you get dash lights and if the starter works.  
Make sure the atv is in neutral!!



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Frank, I did have a bayou before and loved it. I actually did try grounding the green wire, but still no start. Is there a way to bypass the starter cut off relay to see if the button actually works? I'm working on this for a friend of mine. My current bike is a CFMOTO 800xc.


I have the wiring schematic myself, but I get confused on the whole electrical stuff.

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You can bypass any relay on the bike if you really want to.  A relay is just two circuits, if one closes it closes the other.  So just jumper the two that complete the starter circuit and see if it'll bump.  Then again, a relay is only abut $7 at a parts store so it's a cheap trial if you want to just replace it.  Look in the auxiliary lighting section at Autozone or whatever parts store.  I bought a couple extras to use in troubleshooting and to have one on hand when one goes bad.

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So if you look at the diagram it shows two brown wires heading to the neutral safety switch.  You have to locate them and see that they are plugged into the neutral safety switch switch.   If so unplug it and add a ground jumper from the frame to the brown wire on the harness side. See if the starter works. 
Also on a side note  the relay by the battery, the starter relay. It has two large  wires bolted to it. One from the battery and the other goes to the starter.  Jump the two wires/nuts together for a second and see if the starter cranks. Make sure the atv is in neutral. It will spark a bit so don't be nervous and don't do it for long periods.   

Post a few pics of the wires etc.  

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  • Ajmboy changed the title to Yamaha Bear Tracker 250 Where to start?

Great pics!  Im not sure your looking at the neutral safety switch. 
Depending on the year and model. 
Make sure you are looking at the right thing is all im saying.   
As far as the wiring under the seat it looks like its in good condition.  
I circled the two wires in red to jump and see if the engine cranks.  
The next ones circled in blue are the wires going to the relay that come from your starter button.  One of them should have 12v positive with the key on.  

Question: are you handy with wiring or a tester ? Reason I'm asking is i don't want to over explain it to you if you have a general understanding of this.  If not we will walk you right through it step by step.   



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      3. seat and plastics repair, seat is quite torn up with a seat cover over it, plastics are pretty cracked up, these items i havent found replacements for for any reasonable price, i dont care a whole lot about asthetics but whats the best way to functionally repair these things? is there reasonably priced replacements somewhere? i plan to bedline the whole thing after im done. 
      4. there was no title, but i did get a bill of sale, will it be difficult to get it titled / registered? (im in mn)
      thanks in advance for your help, looking forward to being part of the community

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      Hey there all,
      First off thanks for the board. My Bayou 220 has survived 3 teenagers and is on its 4th now. Up until  recently it has been a virtual tank....until I decided to fix it;)
      Noticed some smoking from the engine block (not exhaust) so figured it was time for a quick top end rebuild. Now that I have it all back together, it fails to start. I've pulled the starter rope until my arm is tired. 
      So I will be as detailed as possible and hopefully get some help.
      -New Head gasket
      -New Valve seals
      -New piston (standard)
      -New rings (standard)
      -All new seals
      -Cleaned up head and valves (didn't do any resurfacing, as it all cleaned up pretty easy)
      -All torqued to spec
      -Piston ring gaps all checked out
      -Valve clearances (Intake: .18mm, Exhaust .20mm). Not too tight, not too loose.
      -Engine IS making decent compression
      -DO have spark
      -Will fire for a split second if I drop some gas in the spark plug hole and pull start. Will NOT from carb and or intake valve. 

      So I followed the guide of: TDC
      -Flywheel aligns on the “T” mark on the engine site hole
      -Cam gear mark aligned with the cover mark
      Seeing as this is my first time doing a top end rebuild on an ATV. Here are my questions and concerns:
      -I didn't realize (dummy me) that there are 2 TDC's. 1- Compression, 1-Exhaust. 
      How do I know if I'm on the right one?
      -Does the cam need to be aligned a certain way when put back in? I just aligned the cam gear dimple with the cam and put it in. No alignment. 
      Thanks ahead of time. I feel like I'm 90% there, but I'm missing an important step for completion. 
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      Hello All,
      I have a 1999 Yamaha Big Bear 350 4x4 trying to get fixed up so my grandson can go out in the woods with me.
      We have owned it over 10 years.  It got harder to start, until it finally would not.  Replaced the carb.  Right afterwards, it started and ran nicely, but after turning it off, would not restart.  Tonight I used starting fluid and ran, then died.  Adjusted the idle up a little, used more starting fluid and ran great.  It idled about 15 minutes.  Turned it off, and restarted.  Ran it around the yard about 5 minutes.  Turned it off, and would not restart.
      Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
      Thank you. 
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