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  1. Here's mine - not much but she's my first . I bought her a couple of weeks ago at a government disposal auction.
  2. So I now have a manual, I ended up ordering a new one online from Clymer - the correct model number is LT-4WDX - it is a 280CC engine. I'm planning on doing oil and oil filter change, new sparkplug and thinking about changing the front differential fluid. Any suggestions for any other minor maintenance items I should be thinking about? Thanks, Roger
  3. And does anyone have a manual to sell or for free if it is!
  4. Ok, so got to drive my new toy today - first time I have ever driven a motor bike of any kind - it was a blast! Also took some pictures - and found a label with Model No. LT-F4WX from my reserach I'm beginning to suspect it may be a 1991 Suzuki QuadRunner 300 4WD. Anywau please check out the pics and let me know if you recognize the model for sure. I checked out the forum suggested in one of the earlier replys it was a parts list but no owners manual - checked my local ATV dealer and was told manual no longer availabe. I really need something like an owners manual so I at least can check and change oil and other relevant fluids and do some basic maintenance - any suggestions would be appreciated. Sorry can't upload pics keep getting error message "THis is not a valid image format" - tried JPG and PNG - they are up on my Facebook page Roger Bannister | Facebook
  5. Will hopefully get some pics this weekend will post then. Thanks
  6. Hello all, just bought my first ATV today at a local government disposal auction. A buddy who knows a little about them advised me and I spent $1300.00CDN - plastic is a little rough but it seems to run well and no obvious mechanical issues. According to the auction catalog it is a 1991 Suzuki LT F4 but I can't find anything on line - I'm looking for advice about where I can find manuals etc. Also simple stuff like changing oil, key fluid levels to check and how and what should I be checking mechanically. Thanks

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