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  1. Ok, removed the little filters from the lid, took quad out and it ran fine. It didn't pop through the carb but when I shut the engine off I get a bloop sound coming from the end of the exhaust, kinda of sounds like when you throw a match on some gasoline. Plug color is good now so the jetting must be correct. Any ideas?
  2. What's that stuff around the wires going to your contactor? I assume some type of waterproofing, my contactor is in the same location as yours and I want to put something over the hole I made to run the wires what did you use?
  3. Thanks all for the quick responses, I posted on other forums and did not get nearly as much response back in such little time. I am glad I found this forum I will try to get the lid back to stock hopefully this weekend and will let you know what happens...
  4. ok, the needle clip on on the #4 position which is the lowest it can go, the air/idle screw is out 2.5 turns, I didn't want to go any more because I heard that you shouldn't go past 3 turns. The quad runs fine, I have no issues with it running other than the popping through the carb when I let go of the throttle. By changing the pilot jet will this make it run richer?
  5. :no:Hi new member here with a question. I have a 1998 Wolverine with the following modifications. 1. bored .030 over 2. new valves 3. hot cams stage 1 4. wiseco piston 5. white bros air filter 6. modified air box lid 7. dyno jet kit stage 1 8. warn 424 9. full DG exhaust When I got this quad the only thing not installed was the dyno jet kit, the previous owner told me I would have to rejet. Before I rejetted it the bike was running lean, the exhaust head pipe would glow orange within 5 minutes of idling, it would backfire through the carb and sputter off idle, 1/2 throttle and above it was fine. I bought the jet kit and followed the instructions, for my location I was to use a 160 main jet, stock jet was 140. After the install the quad fired right up and idled good. Throttle response was a noticible difference and I did not have any sputtering, however, the pipe still gets extremely hot! I pulled the plug and it was white indicating a lean condition still, also it pops through the carb only when I let off the throttle. I contacted DynoJet and explained everything above, they wrote back and suggested that I start with the modified air box lid since the jet kit I purchased was for a stock air box. I haven't removed the small round air filters that were put on the air box cover yet, but was wondering if this doensn't solve my lean condition what else is there to check, I checked for air leaks around the carb boot, and base gaskets and they were fine.

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