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  1. Guys thanks a bunch I will check it again, I don't remember there being really alot of dirt on the spounge looking thing under the seat but I'll make sure. She didn't use a power washer just the hose and I told her to be carefu around that. I have pull started it for months now and its fired right up, just too lazy to get a new battery.
  2. I have a 99 or 2000 Xplorer 4x4 my daughter washed it for me and took the seat off so not sure if she got some water where she wasn't supose to or I just have a problem. I started it fine after she washed it and now two days later it won't start! I changed the spark plug and smell gas when I tried to start it but just wont take off! I pulled the plug and pulled the starter chord and it will spark just wont do anything. Also I need a good battery Thanks a million for the help guys I am a career Firefighter so I have no idea how to really do thing like this or know about this stuff at all!

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