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  2. Anyone know of a good thread about adjusting the valves. I noticed Saturday when I took my son riding that there was a noticeable loss of power in his recon. Ive replaced the plug and it was running fresh gas. Im going to adjust the clutch in the morning, but I am leaning more towards the valves since Ive had to adjust them on my suzuki and my daughters yamaha in the past, for the same reason. I have no experience with honda and I wanna make sure Its done right. Thanks in advance.
  3. How long is a while, I have the same quad and my fan usually comes on within 5 to 10 minutes of riding. Also check to make sure the radiator itself actually has coolant in it Ive found mine empty before but the fill bottle on the side was full. Without fluid the sensor on the radiator wont read to turn the fan on. Im not sure this will fix your problem, but I'd check it your fan should be coming on.
  4. Like you I dont have alot of exp. with these quads (mines an 04 400) but I'd say if it sat for that long you might want to start with cleaning the carb. I bought my son a 98 recon that sat for about 6 months and had to do the same thing to it.
  5. My last thread was about starting problems. Well I got that fixed along with a new head gasket, and valve adjustment. Heres the thing though, while I was waiting on the top end parts to come in I started checking out some other things on the quad. I just got this thing used a few weeks ago so I knew it needed a few things, but %$#$% the guy that owned this thing never heard of routine maint. So heres the list of what I got to replace this past weekened. Brakes all of em. wheel bearings front adjusting and locking bolts/swingarm and at least half of the bolts and clips for the fenders Im not mad cause the parts were cheap and it didnt take long, but how can you own something and not take care of it. But its good to go now!!!!
  6. Thanks for the input everyone, I checked the valves and there right on, however when I pulled the spark plug to check them I found water, so Im waiting for a new head gasket right now. Should be here in a couple of days, ive got the battery charging till then, So Ill let you know.

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