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  1. So my reverse went I pulled the black wire the pulled a few more now I’m able to start easily but no drive or reverse!!!! Help please! Here is a picture. Also my husband kinda caught the bottom black box on fire a for a second. Good god if I even had a picture of what it should look like that would help. :-( so sad.
  2. I’ve figured out it’s not my engine it’s my transmission 😞 idk what to do at that level.
  3. Neat, I will check it out further. Is it a heavy weight or more manageable for lighter people?
  4. Dude now it won’t shift into reverse without dying. I swear I’m gonna kill this little trail boss!!!!
  5. I stayed a summer in SD with my grand parents and my grandma let me rip hers around all the time. Now I have it, she passed away and gave it to me to pass on to my daughter. ps- it’s in the middle of a face lift so excuse the missing panels.
  6. I want to know a general consensus of which quads are really spectacular machines that are well made and can rip your head back. Give at least three pieces of evidence for which you pick! Let’s see where this goes!
  7. Yeah I’m a teacher so i get 10 weeks off now. Thank goodness.
  8. You inspired me to keep trying because my little girl will be old enough to rip around too and I want her to have a mellow little bike to play on.
  9. I know right!!!! I am so proud, yesterday I thought it was going to cost me a bunch and I wouldn’t be able to get it back together. This site helped me find a manual and also got me reading what other people see. I noticed the brand is irrelevant compared to the years the machines were made in.
  10. Wow what great information! I think my exhaust looks sketchy too and sometimes burns off random liquid lol. I can only fix one thing per day or I will literally keel over. I was going to replace the rubber goods and the bearings next but one of the springs on the exhaust system is laughably loose and half of my engine block was covered in soot🥴
  11. So the “pig valve” it’s been called many things- is on the left side of the gas tank and it can shut fuel off or turn it on- after I cleaned the carb up, redid my lines, and cleaned out my tank, today it’s working like a champ and idling well! I’ll send a pic, I didn’t put it all the way together bc I am going to rebuild the top half just because everything else was so rough I know the rubber seals are toast. But yay and cheers!!!
  12. ! Good point! What do you think is up with the lack of idling it’s like it doesn’t have enough fuel.

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