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  1. Im having the same problem, and now my bike is at the point where it will not run at all. Have spark, compression and fuel, but will not run. If you find out what the problem is would you mind letting me know? I will do the same for you as well. Ill drop you my e-mail address if it makes it easier. Im really frustrated with my bike too. Ive checked timing, swapped out CDI with new one, and still nothing. Anyway my address is [email protected] hopefully we may be able to help each other
  2. Got an 04 yamaha wolverine. Was running fine but slowly bogged down and would only run at idle. Cleaned the carb several times all jets and passageways are clean. Bike has full compression, spark and fuel. Checked the timing and valve clearances and checked out fine. Even put gas down cylinder and bike still wont even bark. The only thing I can think of is that the flywheel may have spun the woodruff key. I am absolutely stumped with this and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again

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