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  1. Cool! Do you need to be a premium member to download?
  2. I have always found factory workshop manuals, if still available, to be surperior.
  3. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for 92 Big Bear 350? Thanks
  4. Currently working on a 1992 Yamaha Big Bear 350 that idles perfect but cuts out with any kind of throttle. We replaced carburetor and head to carburetor boot. Put in a new spark plug, the old one was black as hell, unsure if it was caused by old carburetor or current misfire. This problem similar to the rev limiter you see on newer models when differential is locked or in reverse. I don't think this machine has that feature but I could be wrong? I suspect an ignition component is breaking down but at the moment I don't have access to a wiring diagram or workshop manual but I'm working on that. Are the e-manuals any good? Any ideas?
  5. Well my journey started way back with a Honda 90 3 wheeler, remember those big bouncy tires!! So migration to the 4 wheeler was natural.
  6. Hello All, I'm new here just poking around to see what's here. I have 2 older Yamaha quads that are fun to keep running. 1992 Big Bear 350 and 350 Bruin. Are the emanuals that you can download here the same at the shop manuals that one can get from dealers?

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