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  1. Thanks for the reply , the shift forks is sounding like the issue , the Rpm's are idled down low with no issue going into reverse. Checked the oil and it had no shavings in it that i could see. I'm going to pull the Transmission apart this weekend and try to find out whats going on with this forward gear. I could only wish it is the linkage but I'm afraid it's more serious cause when it finally goes into gear you can hear the grinding after it goes into gear and of course it get louder with the rpm's.
  2. Hi all , I have a 1997 Polaris Scrambler 400 4X4. It will not go into forward and if you keep at it and it does go into forward gear it will pop back out if you are going down a hill and your rpm's drop. It goes into Reverse very easy with no grinding. It grinds like crazy trying to get it into forward. You can hear it click into gear then all you hear is a light grinding in the transmission that get louder with the rpm's raising without going into gear. the 4X4 works fine. Sometimes when you get it into gear it will stay in gear for awhile before popping out and sometimes it will stay in gear just a few minutes and then it takes anywhere from 5-30 minutes to get it to take forward again. Before i tear the transmission down , does anyone have any ideas what i'm going to run into ? Thanks for the help

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