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  1. these arent the best in the world but heres pics
  2. Ive got a 99 450s the top end was rebuilt about 2-3 years ago and ive had a slight oil leak for a while, but its gotten worse. I cleaned the motor up lastnight to see if I could tell where it was comin from, topped it off and went to do some food plot work on my hunting lease. all seemed fine untill it got hot enuff for the fan to kick on I ran it for about 10-15min after that and stopped to take a break and to let it cool off. I checked the oil again before gettin back to work and there was barely any on the stick, toped it back off and done it again, let it cool down a 2nd time and ran it about 2miles back home... any chance stop leak may help or atlast slow things down untill I get my plots done and then replace the gasket? what all am I lookin at as far as changing it out? Is it as simple as pull the top end off, clean the old off, replace and put back together or is it more involved? Ive never done any atv motor work thats why I ask....sorry for the dumb questions but thanks for the help!
  3. also tryin to cut a deal on a warn winch bumper
  4. 2" high lifter, the rear axle went out on her startin up a steep hill comin out of a swamp, had to ride around 2 other ridges before findin one I could get up with just the front end pulling, had to sit in the front basket and ride it up, that was a trick but she got me home on her own power... only gave $20 for both baskets on ebay
  5. My nephew just took this in part of a trade he made, needs alot of work, but it'll give us something to do. I havent got a clue what it is Ive searched and searched only to hit dead ends theres no vin plate or nothing, hasnt ran in a while. half the carb is missin wiring is all jacked up, been sittin so long theres mold on the motor. only code I can find is on the bottom of the motor which is zhx98cm3 any clues as to what model or size it could be? thanks
  6. Hi, Im steven from Tn. I own a 99 foreman 450, love to ride exp night rides threw the woods... gonna be hard for me to replace her, here she is

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