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  1. Well I read somewhere that you could put ATF fluid. So i didn't have any Polaris hub fluid at the time. So i filled it with that for a day, then went and got some Polaris Hub fluid. I'm filling it up intill it trickles out when the fill holes at a 4 or 8 oclock. What the manual says.
  2. Right. When you put it in AWD, its supose to tell when the rear tires loose traction, then the AWD kicks in. I'm going to try the hub fluid later today again and see what happens. Thanks
  3. Exactly. I post this somewhere else and a guy said to change hub fluid. So I did and it helped, but it still does a little bit. So figured I'll just change a few more times. ..I havent got the chance to see them in concert yet. Last time I was supose to In Peoria, but had work.
  4. My brother has an 04 Scrambler 500 4x4. The other day I was riding it and I notice when I had it in 2wd and would give it a lot of throttle, 4wd would engage. I know when the AWD button is on and the rear tires spin/ loose traction its supose to engage. The whole time we've owned it, once we put in AWD, it's all time 4wd, it wouldn't engage when the tires spin. I dont know if it's supose to be like this or what. Any ideas? Thanks

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