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  1. ok thanks ill take a look at it when I get a second today and we will see what happens
  2. yea it started right up no problem its just that none of the lights work now
  3. yea i looked around for one but i never found one so i thought it might have a blown fuse but I can't find a fuse box
  4. hey guys i"m new here but I have a problem hoping you guys could help. I have a 2001 polaris scrambler 500 and when i bought it the battery was bad. I would just start it with the pull start and everything worked fine. The head lights, the lights by the key turn, and the 4 wheel drive light . Then, I finally decided to buy a new battery and set up it up like I was suppose to and then installed it onto my a.t.v. Now, for some reason the lights don"t work any more. I looked around to see if a fuse box was on the a.t.v but I haven"t found one. Does anybody have a idea of where one could be or what could be the problem ? Any info. that you guys could help me with would be very nice. thanks

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