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  1. I here ya. Did you get my mesage?????? If you want to we will try to ride some next week heck we could ride Tomarrow if you wanted to. If not during the week I will be able to ride next Saturday and sunday.
  2. You say that is does work good????? My clutch hand is forever going numb. There has been several times I would have to stop and shake it out while racing.
  3. Here is some onf mine here in NC Son on our/local MX track
  4. MEHSA- Stands for MidEast Hare Scramble Assoc. and is what I race in. Race number 4 will be in CowPins SC. this coming up Saturday if anyone is interested in racing or watching.
  5. I am a die hard Brown Mtn. ridin fan and was wondering if any one from the NC????????
  6. Where did you get your info from and did you do Yours??????????
  7. I got an old 99' I hunt with(no Pics) and my 05' Preddy.
  8. Hello all, I am a Newbie to the sight but an old rider. Been ridin' for 35+ years. Not a professional(there fast) Im low and slow. I do race in the MidEast Harescramble series here in NC. I ride an 05' Polaris Predator 500, 01' KTM 300EXC and a 04' H/D.

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