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How to help with your handle bars Vibration


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Old school

Fill your handlebars with lead shot size 8 or 9. Cap the ends with silicone.

(caution lead is harmful if sucked on or swallowed)

They help to reduce the vibration of the bike that you feel through the handlebars. This reduction in vibration translates into less fatigue and numbness in your arms and hands.

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A Quick Search produced several Methods....Here are a few....

Stop Bad Vibes with Bar Snake! ©2007 Barsnake LLC; All Rights Reserved

you can use great stuff foam insulation in comes in an aresol can and you just spray it into your bars and it expands and hardens and absorbs vibration i use it in my bikes and works great for less than $5 and no added weight you can get it at hardware stores

Go to the local tire shop and get some junk lead tire weights. Stuff some paper in the end of your bars to a depth of about 6-8 inches. Melt the lead in an old kitchen ladel with a propane tourch and pour it in the end of the bars.

Use better Grips,,,, Foam or Gel

If your hands are going numb dont hang on so Hard


Bar End Weights

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I have every intention of attending, I have my cabin reservation paid for and the day off work on Friday. My friend with the trailer who is driving us down broke threw his chain and broke his case around the shifting shaft. We are fixing it hopefully today. We are trying this brazing material called HTS-2000 to try and weld the piece back on. There isn't enough room to get a TIG torch in to where the cracks are, so this seems to be our best option. If that doesn't work, we are putting the motor out of my '04 TRX in his quad since I haven't gotten the title for mine yet and can't register it. One way or another, we are going to make it work.

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Man,,,,That sucks,,,,Hope it all gets worked out!!!!!

Sorry for the Hi Jacked Thread Guys......

Demon.....Friday night SWR will be having a pot luck and anyone that is camping for the Clean Up is invited....So far this is the Menu

SWR dogs and burgers



Drtfun ..chicken cacciatore

Firefly and Wiz- Salad and cookies

Muddkatt - Mexican Shrimp Throw Together

Senators - Cheese and Sausage

MWKE.......7 bean Bada Bing

DuneJunkie.....Colorado Beans

Banshee Boy and Thor Chicken Pasta Salad


Aaron & Amber.....Ceviche(sp?)

ZQUAD...spicey spanish Rice!!

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