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  1. ok gas is full tank of new gas while sitting it was almost empty new gas has seafoam added to it just trying to run it thru make sure not dirty i know it will run with intake cover off i have done that tired of putting all back together to see if she will start the bike has no plastic now intake box is on just cover wit the 2 wingnuts is off it will not idle unless i pour some gas or startin fluid in throttle body but injector is sprayin fuel fuel pump is workin but after trying to start for a while efi comes on the screen display it does not come on every time i try an start so this is why i am so lost i got fire i got fuel but no starting an was running great an no after market exhaust just clutch kit an snorkel but had both from the begining an had her almost 3 years no problems tried on off switch just toggled it but if i turn it off it does what supposed to i turn it on i here the clicking sound an fuel pump running havent tried to disconnect battery but put new one on before al this started
  2. ok i was riding an she just quit running tried to start the cat again an all it does is barely fire off then die cannot keep it running i pulled fuel line an fuel pump squirts gas everywhere i pulled injector and it sprays fuel out i have fire from spark plug if i pour gas down into throttle body it will run till all the fuel i poured in is burnt will not keep running just off of poured fuel or starting fluid has drove me crazy makes no sense got fuel got spark but wont run
  3. i need some help with 06 700 efi atv
  4. my 06 700 cat just quit on me an all it does is try to start but wont run i dont have spark plug looks like rectifier but it throws fire an injector has fuel shooting out but if i pour gas into throttle body she runs till gas is all burnt up i am lost

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