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  1. I soaked the entire carb in cleaner before I re-installed it. Please keep in mind that once I get this machine going from that idle speed, it runs very good...until I come to a complete stop and allow it to idle down...then the hesitation is there again. I did see a small "mar" in the pin going from the diaphram into the carb...if this pin is sticking...would that be a possible cause?
  2. To be honest....I am just a handyman when it comes to these machines. I did not remove any screws from the carb that may need re-adjusting. Where would I get the screw setting to check if it was set properly when it was rebuilt just over 18 months ago?? Thanks.. Don
  3. Hello All: I have a 2000 300 2x4 Red. The unit runs great when starting and for the first 1-3 minutes. Then, when starting from dead/idle engine speed, it dies like it is starving for fuel. If I pump the throttle about 8-10 times, it will then take off normally. If it stalls, it always start right up just by pushing the start button...no throttle is needed on re-start. BUT...it will fall on it's face again unless I pump the throttle 8-10 times. I have removed the carb and cleaned it...the float bowl had small amount of dirt in bottom. I removed the fuel tank and cleaned it...cleaned the shut-off valve and replaced the rubber fuel line. The air filter is new and the choke is working properly. Any suggestions to what is causing this to fall flat after warmed up when starting from dead idle position.....Thanks in advance for your suggestions

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