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  2. Bad cam lobe. Sold for parts and bought an arctic cat.
  3. O.K. I think my problem is in the overide curcuit. Symptoms act the same as the overide used to act. How can I disable that curcuit?
  4. I adjusted valves and it still sounds like its in some sort of limp mode. Cam appeared to be working correctly. It got hot on me one time and went into limp mode. This feels the same way. Is there anything that I could unplug to bypass that? Again it starts and idles prefect. spark plug is golden brown. Plug cap had some black in it though.
  5. thanks for the info. I'm pretty certain that I am in the same boat. Guess I'll part it out. Its had a tough life. Good luck with yours. Watch ebay a craigs list for a used motor. I had good luck on ebay in the past.
  6. I did notice that it was consuming alot of fuel on the last tank. Did yours do the same? Im going to check to see if there is fuel in the oil.
  7. I was hoping you wernt going to say that. I did suspect it. How was the mech. able to find it?
  8. I also have the same issue with my 99 sportsman 500. I have taken the carb apart and found nothing wrong. Could it be some sort of safety mode? I'm stumped because it ran perfect the day before. When your talking louder, I noticed that the noise is coming from the air box not the exchaust. Seems to be blowing fuel/air back into the airbox.

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